Parler – New Alternative To Twitter

The new social platform wants to be heaven for free speech.

Parler is a young social platform similar to Twitter but intended as bios free, an apolitical stage for everyone to use without fear of being kicked out. The network is quickly becoming a home for those banned on Twitter and Facebook.

Company CEO John Matze told Politico.

We’re pretty much bipartisan from our standpoint. I really don’t want to take a stance at all on the political side of things. However it seems extremely relevant right now for conservatives at least to build a platform where they can build trust. They feel extremely abused by social media.

As for information found on their website, Parler allows digital publishers, influencers, writers, politicians and citizens to engage in conversations and content in real time. The goal is to empower users to control their social experience and build trust within the online community. Their goal is to supply the infrastructure for the next generation of social media where content creators are supported for participating.

  • Parler aims to empower users to control their social experience. Users can be responsible to engage content as they see fit.
  • They are not regulators or governors. Perler is a community.
  • The platform accepts your right to express your thoughts, opinions and ideals online.
  • Just like in society, Parler interactions are subject to guidelines; and when you respect them, you are free to participate wholly.

Parler CEO John Matze on Ingraham Angle.

How it started.

After being exhausted with a lack of transparency in big tech, ideological censorship, and privacy abuse, John Matze and Jared Thomson decided to create an alternative solution and in 2018 Parler was born.

What is it.

Parler is a tool where everyone can be their media outlet, filter their content, and the established influencers and digital publishers can use the platform to enhance their brands and communities. Additionally, provided enterprise tools can be used to enhance online blogs, media, and websites with direct social integrations and monetization capabilities.

Who is it for.

Parler provides a Commenting and Social News platform for digital publishers, influencers, bloggers, writers, politicians, and social users to share news, opinions, and content in real time.

Parler website – Check Them Out.

The future is bright.

As I’ve mentioned, Parler is a new company, and their service just started to gain popularity due to recent actions taken by established social media platform providers against, mainly, conservative users. Many of those, some very prominent, who ware suspended, demonetized or banned by the likes of Facebook and Twitter has moved to Parler bringing a big chunk of their followers with them.

Of course Parler, even with a recent surge in signups, is no match for the guys at the top, but… if the rumors are real, and Trump 2020 campaign is looking at Parler as a potential alternative to Twitter, that would be a game changer. Even if only a fraction of President’s 60 million followers will move to Parler, that little platform will be on its way to become a serious threat to the social media establishment.

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