Piers Morgan On Meghan Markle

A Quick Thought.

Piers Morgan 6/10/19:

So call me suspicious, but I don’t think her absence from Trump’s visit had anything to do with her baby, and everything to do with her dislike of her President.

And that, I’m afraid, is unacceptable.

It’s not part of the deal.

Piers Morgan

It looks like Piers is not happy with the American Princess’ behavior.
And neither am I.

So, one Royal Fixture was missing from President Trump visit to Great Britain.

Everybody clearly saw what they could not see – Meghan Markle (aka Duchess of Sussex). Her action or rather lack of it made Piers Morgan understandably upset. Read his article here.

No matter what the reason for her absence was (it seems like the new addition to the royal family had nothing to do with it), it doesn’t look good for Prince Harry. If Meghan decided to stay home and disrespect Trump by ignoring his visit, that means that Harry doesn’t carry much weight around the house and can’t… control his wife.

If, on the other hand, royal higher-ups made her stay home because they didn’t want to risk that she will do something disrespectful to Trump, that means they don’t have much confidence in Harry’s abilities to… control his wife.

Either way – bad Harry, baaad Harry…

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