Mark Levin On Immigration

A Quick Thought.

They destroying our immigration system.

Mark Levin: 7/09/2019

This is all intended as a radical plan. Cloward and Piven. Alinsky tactics. Overwhelm the system. Create the chaos and the anarchy, then condemn it. Condemn the law. Condemn the president. Condemn the ideas of a wall. And then eventually you’ll get what you want. That is exactly what’s happening on the southern border. That is exactly what’s happening on the issue of immigration, right in front of your eyes

Mark Levin

Democrats are great. The way they handle the (illegal) immigration is spectacular. I use their method regularly in my everyday life.


  • I create the problem,
  • blame the problem on someone else,
  • complain that someone else isn’t doing enough to fix the problem,

when at the same time,

  • I do my best to prevent people I’ve just blamed for creating the problem, from fixing it.

Works every time. With stupid people.

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