Tucker Carlson On Robert Mueller Hearings

A Quick Thought.

Tucker Carlson: 7/24/2019

It was depressing to watch. Mueller seems deeply confused, at times confused about why he was there. Repeatedly struggles to hear the questions he was being asked. When he did hear them, is answers often revealed he was not familiar at all with the report that bears his name.

Tucker Carlson

Mueller deflected questions over 150 times.
The number of times;

  • Mueller said the questions were outside his “purview”: 10
  • Mueller asked lawmakers to repeat their questions: 30
  • Mueller simply directed lawmakers back to his report: 34
  • Mueller said he “can’t” or “won’t” get into the substance of the question: 99

I’d like to know if Mr. Mueller read his own (or Weissmann) report. After his statement that he is not familiar with Fusion GPS, I have doubts.

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