Google Climate Change Insanity Summit

Google invited the smartest and the brightest members of the world of science to its Climate Change Summit in Sicily. The guest list includes top geologist Dr. Leonardo DiCaprio, renown physicist Prof. Orlando Bloom, and his assistant Dr. Katy Perry, also Dr. Bradley Cooper showed up (I think, he is a dentist), and many, many others.

So, the world’s power brokers have a “secretive” climate change summit in Sicily.

As stated by extremely well informed unnamed sources, the summit attendees are going to work very hard to find new ways to shame the rest of us into reducing our already tiny carbon footprint, so they, the rich and famous, can keep their insane standard of living (including all flying and sailing toys they love so much) and feel good about it.

The level of disconnection from reality, which all those gods and goddesses living at the top of Mount Olympus represent, is impossible to comprehend for rest of us, living down here in the ordinary world.

Mega-yachts, over 100 private jets, choppers and a bunch of Maserati SUVs used to bring over 200 – 300 nature-loving guests to Google Camp and to keep them mobile when being there, created a bigger carbon footprint than a small volcano.


Don’t worry. We are not going to die.
Since the 1970s we went thru:

  • global cooling,


  • global warming

and now we are in the middle of

  • global climate change

No big deal, We’ve beaten the mother nature twice, we can do it again.

Not everybody is as death-serious as Google is.

These guys have lots of fun when talking about climate change, and they make much more sense then any of Google’s “scientists” will ever do.

End of Intermission

It’s interesting how all those showbiz superstars, business moguls, and ultra-rich who own multiple cars, huge houses, private planes, yachts, and many other polluting toys, can look at the people who buy products or services from them (and in effect, made them rich), and with a straight face scold them for not caring for the environment as much as they should.

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