Fine-Point TRUMP Sharpie Marker With The Magical Ability To Drive The Fake News Crazy

Official Donald J Trump Fine Point Marker.

President Trump’s ability to drive his critics crazy is unmatched by anything in the entire Universe. As a response to “Sharpie Gate,” his campaign is selling Trump-branded permanent marker in its store.

You can buy Trump sharpie right here.

Brad Pasquale wants to #KeepMarkersGreat.

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign just added a Trump-branded permanent marker (sharpie) to its web store, skillfully capitalizing on the Sharpie-gate spectacle.

The marker introduced by campaign manager Brad Parscale on his Twitter account is another, I think successful, attempt by Trump campaign to turn what could have been a controversy into an asset and poke some fun in “mainstream media” in the process.

Congrats to campaign manager Brad Parscale. I like the way you guys think.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,
My simple explanation of what sharpie mark on NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) map means.

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