Sylvester Stallone New (Trumpian) Rambo Movie Drives The Leftists Insane

Ladies and gents, as a result of substantial pressure from my politically correct friends, I finally see the need to add a new word to my already extensive, official vocabulary!
The word is:


Trumpian is an adjective form for President Donald Trump. The term is primarily used by critics to characterize his language, conduct, and policies.

Rambo: Last Blood – the fifth (probably the last) installment in Rambo saga just hit theaters near you (September 20, 2019) and some people out there don’t like it. They don’t like it, because the storyline of the latest motion picture from action-movie legend Sylvester Stallone, lands way to close to the point of view represented by Pres. Donald Trump, therefore, they branded the movie; Trumpian.

Sly says a few words about the PTSD and brutal violence in the movie.

Directed byAdrian Grunberg
Screenplay byMatthew Cirulnick
Sylvester Stallone
StarringSylvester Stallone
Paz Vega
Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Adriana Barraza
Yvette Monreal
Genie Kim
Joaquín Cosío
Oscar Jaenada
Release dateSeptember 20, 2019 (United States)

So, what’s broken?

Let’s start with a couple of headlines.

Sylvester Stallone’s perpetual warrior returns in a revenge story that couldn’t be more toxic and Trumpian.
( Rolling Stone – subtitle )


Rambo: Last Blood review – Stallone storms Mexico in a laughable Trumpian fantasy.
( The Gurdian )


Rambo: Last Blood Is Part MAGA Fantasy, Part Saw Movie. The new movie completes John Rambo’s transformation into a Trumpian hero.
( Slate )

and the last but not the least

Rambo: Last Blood’ Is a Trumpian, Anti-Mexican Nightmare.
( Daily Beast )

Critics consensus – everything is broken.

And Stallone is a very bad Trumpian dude…

There’s a lot of angry comments aimed at this film. The reviewers take issue with a number, in their opinion, offensive themes, and plots used in the movie.

Let’s dig a little dipper into some of the examples.

  • The depiction of Mexicans as criminals and thugs.
    It’s a matter of the fact that criminal characters in Stallone’s movie look substantially Mexican. But complaining about it would only make sense if the Mexican drug cartels were composed exclusively of tea-sipping English gentlemen and the members of the Royal Family. (Fortunately for English gentlemen and the Royals, this isn’t the case.)
  • The inability of the female victims to retaliate against their abusers.
    It appears that it is not cool anymore for a woman to be feminine. For some reason, members of the politically correct part of our society don’t like that female characters in Stallone’s movie are shown as regular women instead of Special Ops G.I. Janes capable of killing a man (even some machete waving psychopath) by driving a toothpick thru his forehead.
  • The portrayal of Mexico as a collection of slums, graffiti-covered buildings, streets overcome with garbage, stray dogs, and frightening residents.
    Mexico is beautiful. One can expect to see stunning architecture, eat delicious food, and meet amazing people. But Mexico is a vast country, and there’re many areas not as friendly as Cancún or island of Cozumel. Stallone is exposing the worst of the worst because that was the movie’s storyline. Rambo was looking for a kidnapped girl turned into a sex slave. In a case like that, no one sane is going to investigate archeological sites or historic churches.

Finally, everything is clear.

And I’m in shock.

The movie plot makes perfect sense. But because the story calls for main characters to cross the U.S. border couple of times and because some of those characters are Mexican, the guardians of political correctness have reached the conclusion that Stallone uses his movie to support President Trump border-agenda, and of course they (the P.C. guardians) hate that.

What’s the best way to unload all that accumulated anger?
Spread of lies and misinterpretations about the movie.

So, they insinuate that:

Rambo: Last Blood is a brutal, unadulterated attack on the entire population of Mexico. That opinion is based on the grounds that…
Stallone hired Latino actors to play Mexican criminals. What can I say? It’s perfectly obvious, Stallone is a racist who believes that all Mexicans are drug dealers, rapists, and psychopathic killers.

And that’s not all.

Stallone is also a sexist. He dares to portray women in his movie as soft, feminine human beings with feelings.
That’s not O.K.

And all those scenes with decaying neighborhoods.

How can Sly even suggest that such places exist, and worse, that they exist in Mexico? It looks like Stallone hates Mexico and everything associated with it – especially taco. Is he xenophobic?

Bad Sylvester. Bad, bad Sylvester.

And now on a little more serious note…

(Just a tiny bit more serious)

The last thought.

At first, when starting to write this paragraph, I wanted to drop a couple of short sentences containing my thoughts on all the reviews I’ve read so far and maybe something about the authors who’s written them. Then all of a sudden it hit me – I’ve realized that I haven’t read any reviews of the newest Stallone movie yet.

The articles I’ve read which claimed to be movie reviews, were not, in fact, reviews. Those were attempts by politically opinionated writers at convincing potential moviegoers to stay home or to pick some other motion picture to enjoy. Those “reviews” push leftist political agenda when accusing Stallone of supporting right-wing ideas.

Why all that opposition to a simple action movie sporting some senior-citizen tough guy inflicting damage on a bunch of bad actors who definitely deserve whatever has been served to them?
Well, Stallone managed to break every major rule of politically correct movie making.

He chose the wrong thugs for Rambo to kill, the wrong line of crime for them to be in and the wrong geographical area in which his film’s action was set. There’s Mexican cartel involved in drug/sex trafficking, making a weekend journey across totally unsecured U.S. southern border with intentions to take out some old, quiet veteran.

What the hell was Sly thinking when writing the script? Isn’t he aware that there’s absolutely no crime in Mexico? Isn’t it evident that no one is able of trafficking anything or anyone across our southern border, because it is a hundred and ten percent secured? I’ve thought that smart dude like Stallone would know that.

The second last thought.

Personal note to Sly Stallone. (I hate to say it, but I will say it anyway.)

Sylvester Enzio Stallone, you have royally screwed up! My favorite ass-kicking movie character is going to end up in the museum of cinema with a huge stamp across his forehead saying – TRUMPIAN HERO. Sly I will never forgive you for that.

However, if you’ll come up with another Rambo movie, where you’ll replace all those Mexicans with white guys wearing MAGA heats and set the action in the center of Manhattan during upcoming 2020 election, I will consider rewriting the previous paragraph.
I see multiple Oscars and the Nobel Peace Prize coming your way.
Good Luck!!!

Thank You For Reading