Trump vs. Pelosi — Game’s On

Unnamed but trustworthy sources had informed one of the major news organizations, which under the condition of staying anonymous, told us that according to well-informed snitches on the Capitol, as a result of multiple secret meetings between the members of the US Congress and the top levels representatives of the administration, the agreement on the extremely important subject has been reached. Details have not been given yet.

It looks like a few hours before the end of the last meeting, the transcripts of the negotiations were leaked to the media by a whistleblower.

This is the essence of what they had communicated:
Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing checkers while President Donald Trump is playing chess.

Another UPDATE (from the second whistleblower):
Speaker Nancy Pelosi gaming skills have been downgraded — Ms. Pelosi is playing Tic-Tac-Toe now.

Pres. Trump decided to trust his gut.

When theory-based expert opinions don’t match the complexity of reality, one has to use his own life experience to find the best solution to the problem.

I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.

Donald Trump

A fresh approach to an old problem.

President finally decided to take matters in his own hands, and instead of listening to advisors (who kept telling him to cooperate with a democratic leadership by supplying them with documents and witnesses to support their endless investigations,) he has chosen a different path.

In response to the newest attempt by democrats to overturn results of the last presidential election — they opened impeachment inquiry (without a floor vote authorizing an impeachment inquiry) — the President called the inquiry illegitimate and refused to cooperate.

Unsurprisingly it created lots of criticism coming from the left. They say that the Constitution plainly states that the House Of Representatives has the sole power of impeachment. This means that, if the House wants to impeach someone, it only needs to gather a simple majority in support of articles of impeachment that can be presented to the Senate.

I agree 100 percent with the above statement. All the House needs to start the impeachment process is a simple majority. But there’s a question I’d like to ask.

How do we know that there are enough representatives in the House supporting the impeachment?
There was no vote…

Having speaker Pelosi, and few others running around while screaming — IMPEACHMENT is not the same as having the majority of the House supporting the effort.

The last thought.

Donald Trump does the right thing when refusing to cooperate with Democrats on what they call Impeachment Inquiry or Proceedings or whatever they want to call it. In reality, it is just another fake investigation of nonexistent crime.

No matter what Democrats (after many days of a secret behind the closed-door proceedings,) will come up with (and they will come up with something), at the end of a day, the Senat will have the last word in this disaster.

If republicans in US Senat will subpoena the right people and will ask the right questions, it won’t end well for many boys and girls who mistook Pres. Trump for easy prey. But that’s IF they do the right thing.

Thank You For Reading

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