President Trump Goes After Never Trumper Republicans

Finally, The Commander In Chief calls the opposition inside the Republican party for what it is — human scum.

No more Mr nice guy. Donald Trump is reaching into deeper layers of his vocabulary basket, and in my opinion, he’s doing the right thing. There’s no reason why the President should be respectful to people who, in some cases, greatly benefited from his support when they run for office, but after being elected, work very hard to have him destroyed.

The Republican opposition to Donald Trump has existed from the moment he made his run for office, official. Many lawmakers oppose Trump and would reach the highest levels of political excitement seeing his presidency failed.

The Never Trumpers don’t care how many regular citizens will get hurt if the President’s policies, due to opposition’s destructive actions, will fail. No matter how many people will lose their jobs, their pensions, their houses, as long as Donald Trump gets kicked out of the White House, his haters are going to be filled with joy.

The last thought.

In a nutshell.

They — the Republican establishment — hiding behind Democrats, deep state and mainstream media, work furiously hard to destroy President Of The United States just because he is doing a much better job then they were ever able or willing to do. Many politicians rush to oppose him, even when he wants to do what they were trying to do just a short while ago without success.

So, Washington hates Trump because Trump makes Washington look bad. I can understand this sentiment. On the other hand, it’s not his fault that many of those distinguished ladies and gentlemen on Capitol are a bunch of idiots, and him refusing to bring himself down to their level should not be held against him.

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