Donald Trump With Bill O’Reilly — Interview

Bill O’Reilly has known Donald Trump for over 30 years and had interviewed him more often than any other person on this planet. This latest interview includes questions on impeachment, Rudy Giuliani, Ukraine, Mexican drug cartels, and more.

Full Interview with President Trump.

Premiered Nov 27, 2019
by Bill O’Reilly

I have never seen a human being able to absorb more punishment than Donald Trump.

Bill O’Reilly

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Have a Wonderful and Rational Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims originally celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621.
In 1789 (October 3), President Washington designating Thursday, November 26 of that year as a national day of thanks.
In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving an official federal holiday. The fourth Thursday of November remained the annual day of Thanksgiving from 1863 until 1939.
In 1939 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declares the second-to-last Thursday in November to be Thanksgiving Day instead of the last Thursday in the month.

This is done to benefit retailers by extending the Christmas shopping season by one week as the holiday season officially starts the day after Thanksgiving.

1941 President Roosevelt signs legislation to reestablish Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.

Presidential Proclamation on Thanksgiving Day, 2019.

On Thanksgiving Day, we remember with reverence and gratitude the bountiful blessings afforded to us by our Creator, and we recommit to sharing in a spirit of thanksgiving and generosity with our friends, neighbors, and families.

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Thanksgiving Day

The most real story.

There are many “real” stories of Thanksgiving. The one I like the most comes from Rush Limbaugh. I hate to read transcripts with all those “BREAK TRANSCRIPT” and capital [L]etters in square brackets, so I did my best to remove them.

Just to be perfectly clear. This Thanksgiving Story was taken from the Rush Limbaugh’s website. I’ve just made it easier to read for people like me for whom English is the second language. You can read the original right here.

So, here it goes. Enjoy your new knowledge.

The story of the Pilgrims begins in the early part of the seventeenth century (that’s the 1600s for those of you in Rio Linda, California).

The Church of England under King James 1st was persecuting anyone and everyone who did not recognize its absolute civil and spiritual authority. The first Pilgrims were Christian rebels, folks. Those who challenged King James’ ecclesiastical authority and those who believed strongly in freedom of worship were hunted down, imprisoned, and sometimes executed for their beliefs in England in the 1600s.

A group of separatists, Christians who didn’t want to buy into the Church of England or live under the rule of King James, first fled to Holland and established a community of themselves there. After eleven years, about forty of them have heard about this New World Christopher Columbus had discovered, decided to go. Forty of them agreed to make a perilous journey to the New World, where they knew, they would certainly face hardships, but the reason they did it was so they could live and worship God according to the dictates of their consciences and beliefs.

On August 1, 1620, the Mayflower set sail. It carried a total of 102 passengers, including forty Pilgrims, led by William Bradford.
On the journey, Bradford set up an agreement, a contract that established how they would live once they got there. The contract set forth just and equal laws for all members of the new community, irrespective of their religious beliefs, or political beliefs. Where did the revolutionary ideas expressed in the Mayflower Compact come from? From the Bible.

The Pilgrims were a devoutly religious people wholly steeped in the lessons of the Old and New Testaments. They looked to the ancient Israelites for their example. And, because of the biblical precedents outlined in Scripture, they never doubted that their experiment would work. They believed in God. They believed they were in the hands of God.

As you know, this was no pleasure cruise, friends. The journey to the New World on the tiny, by today’s standards, sailing ship. It was long, and it was arduous.

There was sickness, and there was seasickness, it was wet. It was the opposite of anything you think of today as a cruise today on the open ocean. When they landed in New England in November, they found, according to Bradford’s detailed journal, a cold, barren, desolate wilderness. There were no friends to greet them, he wrote. There were no houses to shelter them. There were no inns where they could refresh themselves. There was nothing.

The sacrifice they had made for freedom was just the beginning. During the first winter, half the Pilgrims — including Bradford’s wife — died of either starvation, sickness or exposure. They endured the first winter. When spring finally came, they had, by that time, met the indigenous people, the Indians, and indeed the Indians taught the settlers how to plant corn, fish for cod and skin beavers, and other animals for coats. But there wasn’t any prosperity. They did not yet prosper! They were still dependent. They were still confused. They were still in a new place, essentially alone among like-minded people.

This is where modern American history lessons often end. Thanksgiving is actually explained in some textbooks as a holiday for which the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians for saving their lives, rather than what it really was.
That happened, don’t misunderstand. That all happened, but that’s not — according to William Bradford’s journal — what they ultimately gave thanks for.

Here comes the part that has been omitted: The original contract that they made on the Mayflower as they were traveling to the New World.

They actually had to enter into that contract with their merchant-sponsors in London, because they had no money on their own. The needed sponsor. They found merchants in London to sponsor them. The merchants in London were making an investment, and as such, the Pilgrims agreed that everything they produced to go into a common store, or bank, common account, and each member of the community was entitled to one common share in this bank. Out of this, the merchants would be repaid until they were paid off.

All of the land they cleared and the houses they built belong to the community as well. Everything belonged to everybody, and everybody had one share in it. They were going to distribute it equally. That was considered to be the epitome of fairness, sharing the hardship burdens and everything like that. Nobody owned anything. It was a commune, folks. It was the forerunner to the communes we saw in the ’60s and ’70s out in California and other parts of the country, and it was complete with organic vegetables, by the way.

Bradford, who had become the new governor of the colony, recognized that it wasn’t working. It was as costly and destructive… His journals chronicle the reasons it didn’t work. Bradford got rid of the whole commune structure and assigned a plot of land to each family to operate and manage as their own, and whatever they made, however much they made, was theirs. They could sell it, they could share it, they could keep it, whatever they wanted to do.

What really happened is they turned loose the power of a free market after enduring months and months of hardship — first on the Mayflower and then getting settled and then the failure of the common account from which everybody got the same share. There was no incentive for anybody to do anything. And as is human nature, some of the Pilgrims were a bunch of lazy twerps, and others busted their rear ends. But it didn’t matter because even the people that weren’t very industrious got the same as everyone else. Bradford wrote about how this wasn’t working.

What Bradford and his community found, and I’m going to use basically his own words, was that the most creative and industrious people had no incentive to work any harder than anyone else… While most of the rest of the world has been experimenting with socialism for well over a hundred years — trying to refine it, perfect it, and re-invent it — the Pilgrims decided early on, William Bradford decided, to scrap it permanently, because it brought out the worst in human nature, it emphasized laziness, it created resentment.

Because in every group of people you’ve got your self-starters, you’ve got your hard workers and your industrious people, and you’ve got your lazy twerps and so forth, and there was no difference at the end of the day. The resentment sprang up on both sides. So Bradford wrote about this. ‘For this community, so far as it was, was found to breed much confusion and discontent and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort.’

For young men that were most able and fit for labor and service did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men’s wives and children without any recompense,’ without any payment, ‘that was thought injustice.’ Why should you work for other people when you can’t work for yourself? What’s the point? … The Pilgrims found that people could not be expected to do their best work without incentive.

So what did Bradford’s community try next? They unharnessed the power of good old free enterprise by invoking the undergirding capitalistic principle of private property. Every family was assigned its own plot of land to work and permitted to market its own crops and products. And what was the result? ‘This had very good success,’ wrote Bradford, ‘for it made all hands (everybody) industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.’…

Is it possible that supply-side economics could have existed before the 1980s. … In no time, the Pilgrims found they had more food than they could eat themselves. Now, this is where it gets really good, folks, if you’re laboring under the misconception that I was, as I was taught in school. So they set up trading posts and exchanged goods with the Indians. The profits allowed them to pay off their debts to the merchants in London.

And the success and prosperity of the Plymouth settlement attracted more Europeans and began what came to be known as the ‘Great Puritan Migration.’ The word of the success of the free enterprise Plymouth Colony spread like wildfire, and that began the great migration. Everybody wanted a part of it. There was no mass slaughtering of the Indians. There was no wiping out of the indigenous people, and eventually — in William Bradford’s own journal — unleashing the industriousness of all hands ended up producing more than they could ever need themselves.

So trading posts began selling and exchanging things with the Indians — and the Indians, by the way, were very helpful. Puritan kids had relationships with the children of the Native Americans that they found. This killing of the indigenous people stuff, they’re talking about has happened much, much, much later. It has nothing to do with the first Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving was William Bradford and Plymouth Colony thanking God for their blessings. That’s the first Thanksgiving. Nothing wrong with being grateful to the Indians; don’t misunderstand. But the true meaning of Thanksgiving — and this is what George Washington recognized in his first Thanksgiving proclamation — was Plymouth Colony thanking God for their blessings.

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Arnold And His New Eco-Friendly Toy — Pinzgauer 6×6 718 K — Are Saving The Planet

After meeting with Greta Thunberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made eco-friendly upgrades to his $100,000 Pinzgauer. The 6X6 military vehicle has been fixed up to include a low-displacement engine from S-Tec, which replaced the diesel guzzling previous one.

S-TEC — the company hired to modify the vehicle — increased the rated power to 180HP / 132KW (from standard 112 HP / 82KW) but also “dramatically reduced the fuel consumption and the environmental impact” compared to the original vehicle. (They don’t supply any numbers if it comes to a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption and the environmental impact.)

Arnold has a new hero.

Greta Thunberg — the Joan of Arc of the environmentalism.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

It was fantastic to see my friend and one of my heroes Greta Thunberg last week and go on a bike ride around Santa Monica together, and I was so pumped to introduce her to my daughter Christina. Keep inspiring, Greta!

And then he jumped into his upgraded 6X6 Pinzgauer and drove off into the sunset.

The dirty secret.

Does Greta know what Arnie drives?

I wonder if Mr. Schwarzenegger invited Greta to his garage. The man likes to drive the worst gas-guzzling vehicles in the world — just a few of the examples for you.

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (13 city/19 highway)
  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300 SE (12 MPG Diesel)
  • Porsche 911 Turbo (17 city / 24 highway)
  • Hummer H1 (multiple — ≈10 mpg)
  • Ex-Military Dodge M37 (6 mpg)
  • Bentley Continental GTC (15-18 mpg)
  • Bugatti Veyron (10 mpg)
  • M47 Patton Tank (2-2.5 mpg). He uses it once in a while to support his charity by crushing cars he doesn’t like.

And what the hell is this?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is leaving Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills, California, on May 6, 2016. The vehicle he was driving was so large that it was unable to park in a regular parking spot.

So, the question is:

Is Arnold going (after the) green?

I don’t think the Terminator is going to stop driving “real” cars any time soon, but it looks like he is getting more and more interested in “green technologies.” He decided to invest some of his time and possibly money into an Austrian start-up Kreisel Electric GmbH — battery development company based in the town of Rainbach im Mühlkreis — the company which converted two of his gas-guzzlers into electric vehicles.

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen (link).
    483 horsepower (360 kilowatts), and the 80-kilowatt-hour battery provides nearly 186 miles (300 kilometers) of driving range.
  • Hummer H1 (link)
    483 horsepower (360 kilowatts), and the 100-kilowatt-hour battery provides nearly 186 miles (300 kilometers) of driving range.

It took a lot of green to make those two vehicles green. Including donor cars, the cost reached close to a million dollars each. These are prototypes, and they don’t come cheap.

Has Arnold become a full-fledged environmentalist? No, he did not. Schwarzenegger is a businessman, and whatever he does, he does it because he sees a business opportunity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his nephew Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger are listed as Angel Investors and According to PR Newswire Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and attorney Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger leads a group of partners that owns a stake in Kreisel Electric.

Arnold promotes Kreisel Electric not because he wants to save the planet (maybe just a little) but because he invested in that company.

It is perfectly O.K. to make money.

Just don’t try to sell a BS in the process.

And that’s why I’m a crusader, an environmental crusader around the world to make sure we stop this madness of using fossil fuels and that we switch to renewables or electric or hydrogen cars and new technology but this government doesn’t do anything about it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We all want to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eat clean food. Anyone who comes up with new “clean technology” is alright with me. Anyone who supports that new technology by promoting it or financing it with an expectation to profit from it is okay with me.
I don’t like it when people suggest that they do it to save my sorry ass because they worry about mine and my kid’s future. Because I don’t buy it.

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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. For one day, we stand united in respect for them, our veterans.

Presidential Proclamation on Veterans Day, 2019

On November 11, Americans commemorate the service, sacrifice, and immeasurable contributions of our Nation’s veterans who have proudly worn our country’s uniform to defend and preserve our precious liberty.  As we celebrate Veterans Day, we pause to recognize the brave men and women who have fearlessly and faithfully worked to defend the United States and our freedom.  Their devotion to duty and patriotism deserves the respect and admiration of our grateful Nation each and every day.  We are forever thankful for the many heroes among us who have bravely fought around the world to protect us all.

(Read the full text)

Veterans Day

A short history and some numbers.

Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, by President Woodrow Wilson. The purpose of Armistice day was to honor the fallen soldiers of The Great War (World War I).

World War I officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919. However, the fighting ended about seven months earlier when the Allies and Germany put into effect an armistice on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

In 1926, Congress adopted a resolution requesting President Coolidge issue annual proclamations on November 11, making Armistice Day a legal holiday.
In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially changed the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

  • 18.2 million living veterans served during at least one war as of 2018.
  • Nine percent of veterans are women.
  • Seven million veterans served during the Vietnam War.
  • Three million veterans have served in support of the War on Terrorism.
  • Of the 16 million Americans who served during World War II, about 496,777 were still alive as of 2018.
  • Connecticut was home to the highest percentage of World War II veterans as of 2018 at 7.1 percent.
  • Two million veterans served during the Korean War.
  • As of 2017, the top three states with the highest percentage of Veterans were Alaska, Maine, and Montana, respectively.


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Donald Trump changes permanent residents from New York to Florida

Bye, bye, New York!

President Trump has finally got tired of paying ultra-high city, state, and local taxes in New York, and on Friday, officially changed his permanent address from New York City to Palm Beach, Florida.

(Although President Trump announced his decision on Thursday, he filed the “declaration of domicile” papers last month on Oct 04, 2019)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, is the place I have come to love and will stay for, hopefully, another 5 years as we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but my family and I will be making Palm Beach, Florida, our Permanent Residence.

I cherish New York, and the people of New York, and always will, but unfortunately, despite the fact that I pay millions of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year, I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state. Few have been treated worse.

I hated having to make this decision, but in the end it will be best for all concerned. As President, I will always be there to help New York and the great people of New York. It will always have a special place in my heart!

President Donald Trump

President Trump is not an exception; he’s just one of many New Yorkers who decided to cut their ties with the Big Apple. An estimated 277 people are moving out of the New York City metro area every day (2018 Census data). Statistics provided by United Van Lines, the large moving truck company, which collects data on the flow of people, reports that the tri-state area in the Northeast — New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut — are amongst the top regions from which people are moving the fastest.

The New York metropolitan area is losing an economically productive population.

And taxpayers are replaced by tax users.

So, existing taxes keep going up. New taxes are being put in place (hello congestion pricing). The fees charged for the use of tunnels and bridges are rasing. The costs of doing business in the NY Metro area is steadily increasing. It looks like people running New York City want to chase taxpayers out when, at the same time, inviting people who more often than not won’t pay any taxes but will use available services and farther drain the city coffers.

If that trend doesn’t change, more and more companies will relocate to areas that are more business-friendly, taking their most valuable employees with them.

As a tax-paying entities leave, taxes will have to be raised to make up for the lost revenue. The higher taxes will force further businesses and people to move out, which in effect will push the tax revenue even lower.

Ultimately, the tax-paying base will be too small to support even the most essential city departments like NYPD, FDNY, and the layoffs will follow. Fewer police officers and firefighters translate into a less safe place to live, meaning that fewer people will want to live in New York, and they will move out. As more tax-paying entities will leave, taxes will have to be raised again…

So, Mr. President, step on it, I’m right behind you!

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Mark Levin: ‘National Security Council Was a Rat’s Nest!’

We have found the rat’s nest. It’s in the National Security Council. The whistleblower, according to a number of reports, comes off the National Security Council. An Obama holdover. A Democrat. Somebody who worked with Biden. Somebody who worked with Brennan. An Obama holdover who didn’t like Trump, who met with one of the active figures in the Ukraine effort to undermine the president of the United States in 2016. We have two others, who now were hired by Schiff, Obama holdovers who worked in the Trump National Security Council. Now they work for Schiff. How much do you want to bet that he colluded with? And of course, Schiff doesn’t know anything about it. Do you want to know why the president of the United States has had trouble bringing his own people in the National Security Council? Now you know why — it was a rat’s nest!

Mark Levin

(Host of a syndicated radio show — The Mark Levin Show — while on the Hannity.)

Worth watching.

Published on Oct 31, 2019
by Fox News

Conservative commentator Mark Levin says the Justice Department should investigate three former National Security Council staffers — one whose complaint spurred House impeachment proceedings and two others recruited by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

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