No Safe Spaces — You have the right to remain silent

More and more often, I ask myself a question: Do I still have a right to express my opinions freely, or do I have to contact some licensed practitioner of political correctness, to have them approved first?

Freedom of speech?

The First Amendment — the most important amendment to the US Constitution — is under attack in America today. An increasing number of Americans believe that you have the right to speak your mind only if your view of the world is the same as theirs. And if that’s not the case — too bad — you’re not allowed to speak (at least at the environment they control, aka college campuses).

The movie

A new documentary created by comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla, along with radio talk show host Dennis Prager — “No Safe Spaces” — just hit the theaters. Carolla and Prager, with help from a few other smart people, deal with the growing problem of freedom of speech suppression coming from people who (a long time ago) use to be in the avant-garde of its defense — intellectuals or, let’s call them pseudointellectuals. (Real intellectuals don’t silence people, they debate them.)

We’re creating this environment where liberals and leftists and progressives on campuses think that they need to get government authority or university authority to protect their ears from stuff they don’t like, or stuff that’s actually offensive, or stuff that is racist or is sexist or is horrible. And I just think that’s a very dangerous view.

Van Jones
Directed byJustin Folk
Screenplay byJohn Sullivan
FeaturingAdam Carolla
Dennis Prager
Ben Shapiro
Tim Allen
Alan Dershowitz
Sharyl Attkisson
Van Jones
Dave Rubin
Candace Owens
Cornel West
Ann Coulter
Jordan Peterson
Release date October 25, 2019 (USA)

Safe space is a waste of space.

Most (pseudo) intellectuals want to silence proponents of views that don’t follow the official line set by the thought police. Some of them (I assume, those still innocent and delicate) advocate for “safe spaces” — areas where they can isolate themselves from the reality and the risk of meeting someone who doesn’t share their politically correct take on life. It would be much simpler and chipper to putt blindfolds on, and pack a couple of pounds of cotton in each ear. There’s no need to waste any real estate, so a bunch of “snowflakes” can feel safe.

The term safe space refers to places created for individuals who feel marginalized to come together to communicate regarding their experiences with marginalization, most commonly located on university campuses in the western world, but also at workplaces, as in the case of Nokia.


What happened? It used to be about exchanging ideas and alternative points of view but today…

Today, instead of presenting and defending their opinions, more and more people (especially at institutions of higher education) want to force their beliefs on others. No one cares about alternative points of view. It’s either their way or a highway.

Why are they afraid of debate?

There’s nothing wrong with having different opinions. The problems start when people, instead of presenting and then explaining/defending their point of view, do a presentation and replace explaining with attacks on anyone who dares to challenge that point of view. It’s not just that they don’t want to listen to any counterarguments; more importantly, they don’t want anyone else to hear them.

So, why is it?
I believe that the main reason why a person would not want to allow any alternative opinions to float around is fear that their views will not hold up when compared to those of others.
They know they’re wrong.

Thank You For Reading

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