Boris Johnson To Win Biggest Tory Landslide Since Margaret Thatcher

Exit polls look great for Boris Johnson.

Getting closer to Brexit.

Conservatives look to have picked up 50 seats and Labor has lost 71 seats. Crushing defeat for labor party and significant blow to the European Union.

If exit polls are accurate, it will give the Tories a majority of 86. Tory activists had anticipated, in their most optimistic predictions, for a majority of about 30. I’m sure they love that kind of surprise.

I’m optimistic.

So. People have spoken again. It looks like pushing for this early election—the next one was not due until 2022—is going to pay off and will give Johnson the majority he needs, in his words, to “get Brexit done.” Hopefully, exit polls are reflecting reality, and Mr. prime minister will be able to keep his promise of Great Britain leaving the EU.


The Guardian (650 of 650 results declared).

Lib Dem1311

Congratulations to Boris Johnson and Conservative Party.

Thank you to everyone across our great country who voted, who volunteered, who stood as candidates. We live in the greatest democracy in the world.

Boris Johnson

Thank You For Reading

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