Palmer Luckey: Different Kind Of Defense Contractor

Palmer Luckey is the founder and chief technology officer of a defense tech startup — Anduril Industries. The company, launched in 2017, is creating products he says, the United States needs as a matter of national security.

Anduril (The Flame of the West) has built surveillance systems for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and the U.K. Royal Marines. The company is now adding a drone-destroying capability to its product line, which earned them a contract to deploy its interceptor system in conflict zones overseas.

Luckey doesn’t view his company as a defense contractor. He describes it as a defense technology company. Anduril doesn’t use government financing (otherwise known as taxpayer money) to design/create its products.

We started Anduril to disrupt an antiquated approach to defense; and, in doing so, save lives, save taxpayer money, and make the military-industrial complex way less complex.

The company uses its own resources to develop a fully functional system and then present it to the Department of Defense or other government agencies. This approach exposes the company to a higher level of financial risk, but, on the other hand, elimination of the hustle of dealing with government bureaucracy speeds up the development of new products.

Palmer Luckey talks to Laurie Segall.

Published on Jan 09, 2020

Read Silicon Valley should stop ostracizing the military by Palmer Luckey ((Anduril Industries’ founder and chief technology officer) and Trae Stephens (Anduril Industries’ chairman)

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