Second Amendment Rally In Richmond, Virginia

Capitol Police estimate 22,000 attended Second Amendment Lobby Day rally in Virginia Capitol.

By State Police estimation, 6,000 people were allowed into a fenced-in area of Capitol Square, and another 16,000 were outside the gates.

Gov. Ralph Northam, for fear of a repetition of the Charlottesville tragedy, declared a temporary state of emergency last week to ban open and concealed firearms and other weapons from the state capitol grounds. The people, however, ware peaceful, and there were no reports of violence.

In the end, Governor released a statement expressing his satisfaction with the course of the day saying that the rally

Showed that when people disagree, they can do so peacefully.

And the House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert thanked the people who rallied at the Virginia State Capitol for attending

Peaceful, respectful, and orderly

Gathering with no arrests and no injuries. He also mentioned that after over 20,000 people left the area; there was no trash left behind. Unlike after climate change protest in NYC (and many other places), the defenders of the Second Amendment left state capitol grounds cleaner than they found it.

Massive rally + no problems = success, right?

It depends on who do you ask.

For some inexplicable reason (a little sarcasm here), our mainstream media (aka fake news) had spent lots of time and energy presenting a peaceful gathering of law-abiding citizens as an assembly of crazy, filled with rage, far-right white separatists ready to attack anyone who doesn’t share their point of view.

And when the peaceful gathering of peaceful people came to a peaceful end, and none of those “far-right extremists,” “supremacists” and “white nationalists” erupted with violence as expected, all the talking heads on television looked sad and disappointed.

Sad and disappointed because they did their best cheering for confrontation, and despite their best efforts, nothing happened.

Curtis Houck created an excellent compilation of “news” men and women pushing their dreams of violence on their viewers.

The last thought.

Second Amendment Lobby Day rally in Richmond, Virginia, proved that law-abiding citizens comply with the law regardless of whether they are armed or not.

The mainstream media could not understand why such a vast gathering of (heavily) armed people not only did not end in multiple mass shootings but even without one incident that could be classified as illegal.

It appears to me that members of anty-gun lobby find it severely challenging to understand that there are two fundamentally different gun cultures in the US of A. One composed of the freedom-loving, pro-gun-rights individuals that support the responsible use of firearms for hunting, sport, and self-defense. The second consists of criminals, which thrive in areas where the government limits or already eliminated gun rights of its citizens.

For some strange reason, the “anti-gun community” keeps confusing the responsible, law-abiding gun owners with that second group I’ve just mentioned – criminals. They attack the first group and defend the other…

Thank You For Reading

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