President Trump — Pre-Super Bowl Interview

President Trump discusses the Senate impeachment trial, Trump administration’s accomplishments, State of the Union plans, and Democratic presidential contenders.

Fox News has aired a pre-Super Bowl interview with President Trump.
A couple of highlights.

Sean Hannity asked the president if he contemplated a delay of the State of the Union Address till after Senate vote on impeachment. President Trump replied with a definite NO.

I’m going to have it. It’s going to be done. We’re going to talk about the achievements that we’ve made. Nobody’s made achievements like we’ve made.

When asked about his opinion of Sen. Bernie Sanders, President replied:

I think he’s a communist. I mean, you know, look, I think of communism when I think of Bernie.

It’s a short interview (only 8 min), but it’s certainly worthy of watching.

Donald Trump Speaks

To Sean Hannity of Sean Hannity Show.

Published on Feb 02, 2020

From the president’s pre-Super Bowl interview with Sean Hannity:
Pres. Trump expresses his opinion on Speaker of the United States House of Representatives — Nancy Pelosi.

I think she’s a very confused, very nervous woman. I don’t think she wanted to do this. I think she really knew what was going to happen and that’s her worst nightmare has happened. I don’t think she’s going to be there too long either. I think that the radical left, and she’s sort of radical left too by the way, but I think the radical left is going to take over.

Donald Trump

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