Nancy Pelosi Ripped Up Her Copy Of President Trump’s State Of The Union Address At The End Of His Speech.

As President Trump concluded his speech and most lawmakers stood to applaud, Pelosi stood, took the printed copy of Trump’s speech, and tore it in half.

When asked immediately after Pres. Trump’s speech why she tore up the transcript, Pelosi told reporters:

Because it was the courteous thing to do.

Then added that it was

the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.

She didn’t explain what she meant by an “alternative.”

Nancy Pelosi?

It appears that Madam Speaker lost her cool.

Published on Feb 04, 2020

To keep things in perspective, it seems that President rejected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handshake attempt as he took place at the podium to deliver his State of the Union speech. But, it appears that It was his reaction to Pelosi’s decision to change custom introduction reserved for President when he visits the Capitol. Instead of “Members of Congress, I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States,” she said only, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.”

At that point, the “exchange of courtesies” should end, but unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi could not control herself and decided to take it a little further.

Did she go too far?

I think she did, but to make an objective assessment of her behavior, we need to find out what was the “alternative” Speaker Pelosi mention when asked why she unloaded her anger on a print-out of President’s speech.

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