Elizabeth Warren Caught Red Handed Using Private Jet To Destroy Our Beloved Environment

In case you thought that all those climate change warriors like Elizabeth Warren use only battery-powered mini-cars and bicycles as a means of transportation, think again.

Early afternoon on Feb 04, 2020, Sen. Warren, an advocate of drastic changes in America’s consumption of energy and use of fossil fuels, was spotted stepping off a private jet in Des Moines, Iowa.

There’s nothing wrong with using high-end transportation services. If I had cash, I’d fly a private jet to pick up Moo Shu Pork from my local Chinese eatery.

What bothers me is that climate change preacher like Warren, who wants to turn our lives upside down to save the environment, doesn’t think much about making adjustments to her own behavior to make it more environment-friendly. In fact, she has no problem with placing herself outside of her own ideology.

Elizabeth Warren plays hide and seek game.

Hides Behind Staffer after exiting carbon-spewing private jet.

Published by NewsSprocket on Feb 04, 2020

What’s funny about this situation is that Sen. Warren knows very well that her lifestyle doesn’t fit well with the rules and regulations she wants to force on the rest of us. Just look at her reaction when she realizes she’s being filmed. It’s priceless.

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