Peter Navarro Speaks To Maria Bartiromo On How Coronavirus Will impact U.S. Markets

Coronavirus outbreak in China reveals quite clearly the importance of keeping essential manufacturing sectors of the U.S. economy inside our borders. Specifically, delegating the production of medical goods and pharmaceuticals abroad could prove to be extremely costly, and I’m not talking about money.

Acceptance of dependence on foreign entities in the field of medical supplies and other products necessary for the security of the country and the security of its citizens may not only lead to economic turmoil but — more importantly — it may result in the loss of control over our lives and our state.

Peter Navarro Speaks

To Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business.

Published on Feb 10, 2020

From an interview with Peter Navarro:
Maria Bartiromo points out that:

The ambassador to china was on one Sunday show this weekend, and he did not deny that coronavirus could have started, could have started in a weapons lab. I mean this is huge stuff.

And Mr. Navarro responds:

What we have to do is fight the crisis first, but China will have to be held accountable for how that started.

We will see how the situation develops. There are lots of pending questions waiting to be answered.

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