Why Is Artificial Intelligence Terrifying?

A.I. is terrifying. It is terrifying, not because of the risk that someday it will go rogue and take control over our (human) lives, but because it could (will?) be used by one group of people against another.

(I know. China is in it already.)

In The Age Of A.I.

I’ve come across this documentary by accident when googling for something. For whatever reason, Google’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms ruled that this video fits perfectly into the area of my interests. What can I say; Google was right.

The video contains five stories about how artificial intelligence is changing our world. Enjoy the movie; it will scare you to death. 😐

Published on Dec 02, 2019
by PBS

Couple of quotes from In The Age of A.I.

We came into this new world thinking that we were users of social media. It didn’t occur to us that social media was actually using us. We thought that we were searching Google. We had no idea that Google was searching us.

Shoshana Zuboff

Harvard Business School, Professor

A.I. is a technology that can be used for good and evil. So how do governments limit themselves in, on the one hand, using this A.I. technology and the database to maintain a safe environment for its citizens, but not encroach on an individual’s rights and privacies?

Kai-Fu Lee

Sinovation Vetures, CEO

So the A.I.s are tools. And they will serve the people who control those tools. If those people’s interests go against the values of democracy, then democracy is in danger.

Yoshua Bengio

A.I. pioneer

Nothing in China exists free and clear of the party-state. Those companies can only exist and prosper at the sufferance of the party. And it’s made very explicit that when the party needs them, they either have to respond or they will be dethroned.

Orville Schell

Asia Society

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