Tim Cook Of Apple Discusses China, Coronavirus, Apple’s Supply Chains And Working With President Trump

While Tim Cook of Apple has recognized the impact of coronavirus on his company’s supply chain, he seems to think the situation is improving.

Tim Cook

Cool and collected.

The contrary to the panic created and pushed on us by main-stream media, Apple’s CEO — Tim Cook, seems not to worry about his company’s future.

It feels to me that China is getting the coronavirus under control. I mean, you look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day. And so, I’m very optimistic there.

He views the current situation as a temporary setback that he and his people deal with.

[T]here will always be unpredictable things that come up. But as you know from following us, we work through earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, tsunamis, SARS.


[S]o, the question for us after we get on the other side will be: Was the resilience there or not. and do we need to make some changes?

He even looks at the current stock market crash as an opportunity.

I don’t want to announce anything on the air, but everybody knows that we’re buying [Apple] shares, and if the stock is lower, you buy more shares for the same amount of money.

Tim Cook speaks

to Susan Li of Fox Business.

Published on Feb 27, 2020

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