Johan Norberg — Sweden: Lessons for America and Bernie Sanders

It’s been suggested that Americans would be better off if the United States was more like Sweden. Do the Swedes know something that we don’t?

“Sweden: Lessons for America?” is a Personal Exploration by Johan Norberg, who delves into the economic and social landscape of his home country. Join him to see that the lessons to be learned from Sweden may not be the ones you expect.

The one-hour documentary follows Norberg on a journey through the history of Sweden’s economic rise, from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the most prosperous. The movie illuminates vital concepts and enterprises that sparked the reform and continue to help Sweden maintain its lofty economic position, including freedom of the press, free trade, new technology companies, crazy jobs, and even an old Swedish superhero.

Bernie Sanders says

Sweden is a socialist country.

No, It is NOT.

Many people think Sweden is socialist, but its success comes from free markets.

Sweden is not the idealistic socialist state many Americans think it is. We do provide more government benefits for our citizens than the U.S. does, but those benefits are paid for by everyone in the country, not just the top tier of taxpayers. Further, many of those benefits are provided by private companies competing with one another.

Johan Norberg

Sweden: Lessons for America?

Published by Free To Choose Network on Sep 21, 2018

If you don’t have 55 min. of free time, this is a shorter version by John Stossel published on Oct 23, 2018

The last thought.

Sweden is not perfect, but it looks to me that Swedes learn from their mistakes, and the system they run in their country is getting better and better.

Bernie Sanders wants the U.S. to be like Sweden, and many people like the idea. The problem is that he is talking Sweden of 70s and 80s when taxes went through the roof, and labor unions wanted to take over private businesses.

Sweden today is nowhere near this form of government. Swedes have let private enterprises into welfare, schools, hospitals, healthcare, elderly care, and it has worked out quite well. But unlike you, Bernie doesn’t know that. I’m sure he never watched this movie.

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