Democrats Holding Up The Coronavirus Relief Package

Today (3/23/20), Senate Majority Leader — Mitch McConnell shredded Democrat’s opposition to the Coronavirus relief package(S.3548 – CARES Act).

Democrats try to include unrelated amendments in the bill that have nothing whats so ever to do with the crisis our nation is facing right now.

Kipping America hostage?

Negotiations ware moving well, and then something has happened. Democrat leadership started coming up with new demands. It looks like whatever they couldn’t pass thru congress over the last few years, they want to force on us using the CARES Act. Hopefully, Republicans will not cave in.

These are just some of the unrelated demands Senate Democrats have used to slow relief for workers and families: Tax credits for solar and wind energy. Special treatment for Big Labor. Airlines’ emissions standards This is a crisis. Why is only one side acting like it?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

I wonder if people who are losing their jobs as the economy contracts in the face of the coronavirus outbreak and depend on the passing of this bill to receive their next paycheck or at least partial financial support worry about:

  • Solar and wind energy?
  • The needs of big Labor?


  • New emissions standards for airlines?

I don’t think so.

People are trying to figure out how to deal with much more trivial problems, like paying their upcoming bills.

Many Americans are hurting, and they need help. The CARES Act would provide that help. Unfortunately, Democrats decided to use the coronavirus outbreak as a vehicle for their agenda.

This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.

Majority Whip James Clyburn

If you want to know what vision James Clyburn is talking about, you’ll have to read through over 1400 pages of the Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act — Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus stimulus bill.

Couple of examples of demands in Pelosi’s coronavirus stimulus bill that Sen Cotton found.:

Have fun watching Democrats playing games. After all, many Americans have nothing else to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

Thank You For Reading

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