Last month, NYC Democrats Said Coronavirus Was Nothing To Worry About.

Tucker Carlson explains why has the coronavirus outbreak been so devastating in New York City.

Listening to those officials brings a question: What the hell were they thinking? Or…, were they thinking at all?

How have local leaders failed their city?

Published by Fox News on Mar 26, 2020

The risk to new yorkers for coronavirus is low, and our preparedness as a city is very high. There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot

 The commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Feb 02. 2020.

The last thought.

So, according to NYC management, the risk to new yorkers for coronavirus was low, and their preparedness as a city was very high. That’s until we learned that viruses don’t give a damn about the tough talk by city officials and do what they do best — infect people, lots and lots of people.

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