John Stossel Commenting On Coronavirus Over-reach

Governments around the world pass more restrictive rules ever in the name of saving us from coronavirus pandemic. Are these rules an overkill? You’ll decide.

Protests against the coronavirus lock-down measures are growing. As much as we understand social distancing, and the need to wear a mask or washing hands, we don’t understand how listening to church service in a car via radio in the parking lot is putting either us or others in danger of being infected with COVID-19.

Some politicians push even farther into the kingdom of nonsense. Governor of Michigan is a great example.

Big box stores will also have to close areas off the store that are dedicated to things like carpet, or flooring, furniture, garden centers, plant nurseries, or paint.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan

I don’t understand the reasoning for preventing people from buying home improvement articles. One would think that repainting your living room or installing a new carpet in your bedroom would be a good way of keeping yourself sane during the lock-down. But what do I know?

$1000 ticket for being alone?

Published on Tuesday, April 21, 2019
by John Stossel.

As usual, John Stossel does a great job taking a down-to-earth approach when presenting facts. He points to Sweden, the only country which decided to opt-out of global COVID-19 madness and let citizens live their lives with as little restrictions as possible.

Sweden is not on lock-down, but it is not “business as usual,” either.

  • There is a voluntary lock-down in place.
  • People are advised to work from home.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • They are told not to visit elderly relatives.


  • The primary schools are operating normally.
  • Gatherings of up to 50 people are still permitted.
  • Restaurants, shops, cafes, and gyms remain open.

Dr. Anders Tegnell —the country’s chief epidemiologist — explains:

We prefer voluntary measures, and there is a high level of trust here between the population and the authorities, so we are able to avoid coercive restrictions.

Simply speaking, the Swedish government doesn’t arrest people for sitting in their cars watching the sunset.

Interestingly, despite very unintrusive policies of the Swedish government when it comes to its reaction to COVID-19 pandemic, statistics per capita look better than those of countries with way more strict regulations. Swedes allow some exposure to the virus among the general population while protecting high-risk groups like the elderly, creating this way something that could be very important if the virus reappears with the next flu season — herd immunity.

As of April 23. 2020

Total Cases of Coronavirus per 1M Population
Spain 4,556
Belgium 3,693
Ireland 3,566
Switzerland 3,293
Italy 3,142
USA 2,655
France 2,423
Portugal 2,192
Netherlands 2,085
UK 2,034
Germany 1,828
Sweden 1,659
Denmark 1,394
Norway 1,358
Turkey 1,207
Total Deaths per 1M Population
Belgium 560
Spain 474
Italy 423
France 335
UK 276
Netherlands 244
Sweden 200
Switzerland 179
Ireland 161
USA 160
Portugal 80
Denmark 68
Germany 67
Austria 58
Canada 57

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Bill Maher Has Right Ideas (For Wrong Reasons)

Bill Maher calls on the (fake) news media to calm down and give a proper perspective to their coverage of COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, Bill Maher hasn’t become a conservative Trump supporter off of a sudden. He aims his monolog at mainstream media trying to warn them against running “the daily drumbeat of depression and terror,” which in the end can help an upbeat and positive presidential candidate like Trump to win the second term in the White House.

Maher on COVID-19 Panic.

Published by Real Time with Bill Maher on Apr 17, 2020

Bill Maher gives mainstream media a fatherly spanking. He still wants them to destroy Trump’s presidency, but he proposes a different approach. The left has thrown absolutely everything at Trump (including a pandemic), and nothing sticks. It looks like Maher wants to replace doom and gloom in the media with a more positive kind of attitude. Luckily for conservatives, due to the Trump Derangement Syndrome, which the members of mainstream media are suffering from, that’s not going to happen.

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Gov. Phil Murphy Wasn’t Thinking Of The Bill Of Rights When Banning Religious Services.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy acknowledged that he ignored citizens’ constitutional rights when signing an executive order closing places of worship in response to COVID-19.

During his interview with gov. Murphy, Tucker Carlson asked the Governor a question:

The Bill of Rights, as you well know, protects Americans, enshrines their right to their religion as they see fit, to congregate together, to assemble peacefully. By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power, as the Governor of New Jersey — of any state — to simply, with a wave of your hand, nullify people’s constitutional rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights?

Tucker Carlson

And received a rather unexpected answer…,

That’s above my pay grade Tucker. I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this… People have to stay away from each other.

Gov. Phil Murphy

It wasn’t the only question of that interview, but because of the Governor’s response, this short exchange becomes the only thing people are talking about now.

That’s above my pay grade.

Full interview.

Published by Fox News on Apr 15, 2020

Tucker Carlson looks stunned when gov. Murphy dropped “that’s above my pay grade” comment during Wednesday interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The end justifies the means.

above my paygrade (definition)

Involving a higher level of responsibility than I have, and therefore something that should be dealt with by someone more senior than me. This expression is often used figuratively to say that you do not have the knowledge or authority to decide about something.

So, Governor Murphy admitted to not having either expertise or authority to make the decision (nullify people’s constitutional rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights). Still, he made that decision anyway, and then, to make it worse, he added that he wasn’t even thinking of the Bill of Rights when he did this.

It appears that many members of our government believe that for our own good, we the

People have to stay away from each other,

or otherwise, we’re going to face mass extinction.

But, should the government forced people to stay away from each other at any cost? Sitting at home all day trying to register for unemployment benefits using the overloaded internet portal could be severely taxing on one’s mental state.

So far, the lockdown has caused multiple problems:

  • Domestic violence is up.


  • Suicides are soaring.


  • Job-loss mortality is going up.


  • Mental health issues triggered by the nationwide lockdown are rising.

but, we the people, should shut up and take it because…,

All of this is just a small price to pay for being saved from deadly pandemic which, if not kept in check, will wipe out most of the world’s population and the best way to prevent it from happening is to surrender our rights and, you’ve guessed it, let the government save us.

But, there’s a small problem.

Government bureaucracies are not that good in crisis management. Usually, it cost a tone of money and involves extensive collateral damage. It’s similar to chemo-therapy, where doctors treat a cancer patient with a deadly cocktail of meds and hope that it will kill cancer before it kills the patient.

So, the question is: Should we the people unconditionally submit ourselves to brutal cancer treatment and pray to God for a positive outcome, or maybe we should search for other options?

I’m an optimist, and for me saying:

… seek, and ye shall find…,

sounds much better than:

The end justifies the means.

Of course, how you react to this insane mess is up to you. Like me, you have to make your own choices. Hopefully, you’ll pick the right ones. Keep safe.

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Tucker Carlson On Computer Models And Inaccurate COVID-19 Pandemic Predictions

Tucker Carlson took a closer look at the work of computer modelers and their unsuccessful attempts at predicting the future of coronavirus pandemic. The main problem is the gross overestimation of the scale of the outbreak.

For many years, the CDC has tracked the total number of Americans who die every week from pneumonia, and that number has come in far lower than at the same moment in previous years. How could that be? It is entirely possible that doctors are classifying conventional pneumonia deaths as COVID-19 deaths. That would mean that this epidemic is being credited for thousands of deaths that would have occurred if the virus never appeared here. We don’t know that for certain, but it is certainly worth considering. Something is skewing those numbers.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson.

Published by Fox News on Apr 07, 2020

The last thought.

Programmers who create computer models for financial institutions laugh at the models used by the coronavirus task force. They say that if their models were as inaccurate as those used to predict the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic, they would end up in jail.

Some people up there start to think that all those scientific models or maybe just “scientific models” are being created with intentions to scare the population into uncontested submission. We’ll see.


I decided to drop the Johns Hopkins corona tracker and switch to Worldometer’s COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC tracker. It’s not as good looking as the one from Johns Hopkins but provides more information.

  • Currently Infected Patients (Active Cases)
  • Patients in Mild Condition
  • Patients in Serious or Critical Condition
  • Closed Cases (Recovered / Discharged and Deaths)

Data on testing at The COVID Tracking Project. (US totals and state by state numbers.)

It’s also a good idea to read this article: Evidence over hysteria — COVID-19. (It looks like this post was taken down by Medium. Will see if it come back.) The material is still on at this location.

If you rather use tracker from Johns Hopkins, use this link. Remember, however, that in order to get the number of people presently infected (active cases) you must subtract “Total Deaths” and “Total Recovered” from “Total Confirmed”.

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Sen. Schumer Calls For Military Czar To Handle Medical Supplies And Pres. Trump Responds

Sen. Chuck Schumer, during his appearance on MSNBC, has suggested that Pres. Trump should appoint a military person, a general who knows how to deal with logistics and order mastering, to run distribution of medical supply in the country.
I believe Sen. Schumer needs an update on “Who Is Who” in Washington. It appears that he’s fallen a little behind.

Say what?

Pres. Trump first, reacted to Sen. Schumer suggestion on Twitter:

Somebody please explain to Cryin’ Chuck Schumer that we do have a military man in charge of distributing goods, a very talented Admiral, in fact. New York has gotten far more than any other State, including hospitals & a hospital ship, but no matter what, always complaining. It wouldn’t matter if you got ten times what was needed, it would never be good enough.

Pres Donald Trump

And then, later on, in the official letter:

It looks like Sen. Schumer missed the memo. We do have a military man in charge of logistics — Navy Rear Adm. John Polowczyk, who has been heading up the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s supply chain task force. I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason why a senate minority leader is unable to keep himself up to date with current government affairs. Looking for new ways to undermine President Trump’s response to coronavirus pandemic, could be one of those reasons.

If you spent less time on your ridiculous impeachment hoax, which went haplessly on forever and ended up going nowhere (except increasing my poll numbers), and instead focused on helping the people of New York, then New York would not have been so completely unprepared.

From President’s letter to Sen. Schumer.

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