Riots — Lara Logan Explains Who Incite The Violence In Our Cities

Lara Logan says “professional agitators” are behind the George Floyd riots and explains how to spot those who incite violence.

Lara Logan talks about individuals trained and paid to create mayhem and destruction.

Real professional antagonists and instigators, and they ware all in black. They often have equipment on their backs. They’ll have gas masks that aren’t the typical gas masks. Theirs are the expensive ones. They’ll have SDLR cameras, which cost thousands and thousands of dollars, that the average protest doesn’t have. They’ll have communications equipment, like radios with military-grade antennas. You’ll see they have earpieces, and there are repeaters on top of vehicles. And these people come from the outside.

Few questions:

  • Who is financing these agitators?
  • Who trains them and where they receive the training in crowd-control techniques?
  • Who supplies the equipment?
  • Who provides transport and housing (they’re mostly not local)?

Can anyone answer these questions? Can anyone tell me who benefits the most from civil unrest? Certainly not the people whose neighborhoods have been devastated.

The most scary part is…,

To see how easy it is to use people’s fear and anger to control their actions. To see how easy it is for a small group of professional anarchists to transform peaceful demonstrations into riots. We should be more vigilant if it comes to whom we perceive as our leaders and not allow bad actors to use us to advance their agenda.

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The United States has officially left the World Health Organization

President Trump announced that the United States would be ending its relationship (funding of) with the World Health Organization.

Despite only paying $40 million per year, compared to what the United States has been paying, which is approximately $450 million per year. We have detailed the reforms that it must make, and engaged with them directly. But they have refused to act. Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms, we will be terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs.

Pre. Donal Trump

President Trump’s announcement.
The US’s relationship with the WHO ends now.

Published on May 29, 2020
by Fox News.

The last thought.

The United States created the WHO and the United Nations and provided the bulk of financing needed for those organizations to function. Over the years, appreciation for the US among other members gradually evaporated, but the appetite for money kept growing. Someone finally has lost patience and decided to cut off the money supply to the WHO. Maybe the UN should get the same treatment? The largest funder The United States contributes more to the UN than the next three nations combined.

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Memorial Day 2020 Was Too Small And Too Quiet

Memorial Day of 2020 will go down in the history books like no other before. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Memorial Day commemorations were canceled or toned down across the country.

Pandemic brought smaller, subdued Memorial Day observances to all corners of the United States. The 37,000 American flags traditionally placed on the Boston Common to honor Massachusetts military members who died in service were replaced with just 1,000 flags to limit the number of volunteers. Some cities, like Woodstock in Georgia, held its celebration online. In New York, a private ceremony was held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan. Our Memorial Day celebrations this year ware small, quiet, and six feet apart.

It’s not fair that we couldn’t pay full respect to those who died fighting for our freedom. It’s not fair that we ware allowed to give our heroes only partial respect they deserve. That was wrong, and it shouldn’t happen. We either respect them or we don’t.

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Show me your masks! — Miss Alyssa Milano Wants To Keep Us Safe And Healthy.

I know that making fun of people’s disabilities isn’t nice, but if it comes to COVID-19 preventive technics, this is way beyond anything that I’ve seen so far…, and I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Inspired by miss Milano’s wisdom, I decided to use this long holiday weekend to install a chain-link fence around my property to keep mosquitoes out.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

Show me your masks! Said Alissa Milano, and people did…, she’s got roasted on Twitter after posting her crocheted face mask.

And my favorite.

To be fair to Miss Milano, she delicately mentioned that:

Mask has a filter in it for fuck’s sake. A carbon one.

But to be fair to people making fun of her, it doesn’t look like there’s anything under that mask other then Alissa’s face.

The last thought.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get me wrong. There’s no doubt in my mind, that Miss Milano has the best intentions and sincerely wants to keep people safe. But why her husband, who appears to be wearing N-95 mask, has let her go out in public looking like this, is beyond me.

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The Unveiling Of United States Space Force Flag

For the first time in 72 years, the official flag of a new U.S. military service has been unveiled on Friday (May 15, 2020). The United States Space Force — the newly created branch of the U.S. Armed Forces — has an official flag.

Chief of Space Operations at U.S. Space Force Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond and Chief Master Sgt. Roger Towberman, presenting the Space Force flag in the Oval Office.

“Space Force” or “Star Trek”?

Some pointed out the new logo’s similarities to “Star Trek” insignia that the T.V. and film franchise has used for decades but, as the military explained, the delta symbol, the central design element in the seal, was first used as early as 1942 by the U.S. Army Air Forces. Long before the year of 1966 — the first season of “Star Trek.” 

Donald Trump speaks
at the presentation of Space Force Flag.

Published on May 15, 2020

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper commended President Trump for his efforts to extend the Defense Department by adding a new branch committed exclusively to space.

With the establishment of Space Force and establishment of Space Command, the United States is now doing what it needs to do to protect our assets in space and ensure that space remains the heavens by which we not only protect America, but we sustain our economy, we sustain our commercial capabilities, we sustain Americans’ way of life.

Mark Esper

Secretary of Defense

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President Trump Speaks To Maria Bartiromo

President Trump Speaks To Maria Bartiromo

President Trump granted an hour-long, multi-topic interview to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

The President discusses coronavirus pandemic, reopening of the economy, China’s accountability, trade deals, Flynn vs. Sullivan, the upcoming election, and much more.

Donald Trump Speaks

To Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business.

Published on May 14, 2020

From the President’s interview with Maria Bartiromo:
Pres. Trump expresses his opinion on the opposition he’s facing on both sides of the aisle.

I’m running against the Democrats, and I’m running against the media. I’m running against the radical left I’m running against some really stupid Republicans that don’t understand how good they had it.

Donald Trump

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General Michael Flynn Completely Exonerated

Yesterday (May 07, 2020), the Justice Department has abandoned the prosecution of the retired Army general Michael Flynn after running “a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information.”

UPDATE May 13, 2020

Judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order on Tuesday soliciting “Amicus Curiae” (“friend of the court”) briefs. Dan Bongino explains why Judge Sullivan goes against his own earlier ruling by doing so. (Full show.)

Publish by Dan Bongino on May 13, 2020

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

White House press secretary — Kayleigh McEnany — during her press briefing today (May 08, 2020) when talking about the prosecution of gen. Flynn said:

If the top leadership of the FBI can target a three-star general who served this country for three decades, make no mistake, they can target you.

Published by Fox Business on Apr 08, 2020

It’s hard to believe that this happened in the United States of America. General Michael Flynn’s life was forever changed. He had to sell his home. He faced financial ruin. His family was even threatened with prosecution.

It appears that, as Tucker Carlson said on his show, gen. Flynn was set-up by corrupt government officials, and his life destroyed because he was viewed as an obstacle in the way of taking pres. Trump and his administration down.

They know Michael Flynn is not a dangerous criminal. If he was a dangerous criminal they’d be working to free him from jail. No, they wanted Flynn crushed purely because he happened to be in the way of the power they seek.

Published by Fox News on Apr 07, 2020

Gen. Flynn is waiting for a judge presiding over his case to sign off on the motion by Justice Department to drop the case against him. Hopefully, all will be buttoned-up and gen. Flynn will be able to start to rebuild his life, including suing everybody responsible for his raw deal.

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Why Policy Makers Keep Braking Their Own Rules?

Do as I say, not as I do. Some mayors lift weights in a gym, and some get a haircut when the rest of us can’t. Some scientist, the hard-core-social-distancing proponent, has his (married) mistress visit him when the rest of citizens can’t even visit their family members. Some media personalities…, and the list goes on.

Do we need hypocrites with the I’m better than you attitude?

So many of the people making our policies are like this. Almost compulsively, again and again, they do the very things they punish us for doing. When they are caught, they acknowledge no shame. They are entirely lacking in self-awareness. They discredit themselves without even realizing it.

Tucker Carlson

No, we do not!

Rules? What rules?

Published by Fox News on May 05, 2020

The last thought.

Our elected officials like to refer to themselves as public servants. Unfortunately, it’s more and more apparent that they view themselves as aristocracy and look at us, the people, as servants. That needs to change.

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ANOTHER BREAKING NEWS!!! Bill Maher Makes Sense Again!

In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that people should fight the coronavirus by strengthening their immune systems, rather than by sanitizing the universe.

Bill Maher has enough of the germaphobe approach to the current pandemic. He doesn’t believe that hiding from the virus will do us any good. Maher wants us to take it on and let our immune system deal with it.

So this weekend, do something nice for your immune system. Go outside that mysterious land beyond your curtains where the GrubHub drivers live and get some fresh air and vitamin D. [B]reak a sweat doing something besides eating hot chicken because at the end of the day you can’t keep all the pathogens out.

Maher has a point. Over 98 percent of coronavirus cases recover (somewhere between 25 and 50 percent cases are asymptomatic). That means that our immune system does quite a good job of defending us from it.

Herd immunity?

Published by Real Time with Bill Maher on May 01, 2020

So, what should we do?

  • We can barricade ourselves in deep basements, turn the lights off, and wait for the virus to go away — destroying our economy in the process.


  • We could let nature run its course and aim for herd immunity.


  • We could try the Swedish approach, which is something in the between. Swedes let life go on, but make sure that the most vulnerable segments of the population are protected.

I like what Swedes are doing. Their mortality rate is higher than the US (as of May 3rd Sweden-265/M US-207/M) but lower than that of many other European countries that are on full lock-down.

  • Belgium – 677
  • Spain – 540
  • Italy – 478
  • The UK – 419
  • France – 381
  • The Netherlands – 295

It is impossible to tell if going for herd immunity would work well in America. However, I still think we should put a little more faith into the ability of the human immune system and let healthy (under 50 years old) people back to work.

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Elon Musk Demands — “Give People Their Freedom Back!”

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is creating controversy by calling for coronavirus lock-downs to be eased, and America to be re-opened. But when Elon questions the effectiveness of the lock-downs, their supporters question his reasons for opposing them.

When Elon Musk tweeted a link to a Wall Street Journal article with a comment:

Give people their freedom back!

He made it clear that he has enough of the national shut-downs and wants stay-home orders to be canceled. What’s not clear, however, are the reasons behind his opposition to prolonging the shut-down of our economy.

Freedom or $$$$$?

Some say that Musk is fed up with government overreach, and wants it to stop. His rant during the last Tesla earnings call appears to support that view.

I think people are going to be very angry about this, and are very angry. If somebody wants to stay in their house, that’s great, they should be allowed to stay in their house, and they should not be compelled to leave. But to say they cannot leave their house, and they’ll be arrested if they do, this is fascist. This is not democratic, this is not freedom. Give people back their goddamn freedom.

Others point to Musk’s performance-award agreement in his compensation package as a source of outrage. If Tesla performs in line with all operational milestones outlined in the agreement, it could put over $700 million into Elon’s bank account.

(It could surprise some of you, but Elon Musk doesn’t accept any salary or bonuses from Tesla. He’s will (or will not) receive compensation in the form of stock options based on his company performance.)


(there’s always a but.)

Local authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area decided to extend shelter-in-place order, which has kept Tesla’s sole U.S. car-making plant shuttered since March, through another month. This move is not going to make the already complicated task of keeping Tesla on the right track any easier.

So, is it about freedom, or is it about money? I think it is about both. It is about the freedom to make money. We all have a right to make a living, and it shouldn’t matter if one owns a multibillion-dollar corporation or small barbershop on a street corner. I’m sure you’ve heard an expression; “size doesn’t matter,” haven’t you?

The last thought.

Elon Musk is not the only example of the coronavirus-pandemic-fatigue disorder. People in states with the most draconian lock-down regulations starting to lose their patience and take to the streets. Multiple anti-lock-down rallies are breaking out across the country, with protests in more than a dozen states. People are tired of looking at the ceiling and want to go back to work.

What bothers me the most is how easy it was to shut the biggest economy in the world down and how difficult it is even to attempt to re-open it. The panic has sunk in, and people who, after 46 days of sheltering in place, want to start moving their lives back to normal are hitting roadblocks. Roadblocks set up by people who, instead of going back to normal, want to steer us into, what they call, the new normal. Unsurprisingly new normal, ladies and gentlemen, has absolutely nothing in common with the normal, which we all got accustomed to.

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