Show me your masks! — Miss Alyssa Milano Wants To Keep Us Safe And Healthy.

I know that making fun of people’s disabilities isn’t nice, but if it comes to COVID-19 preventive technics, this is way beyond anything that I’ve seen so far…, and I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Inspired by miss Milano’s wisdom, I decided to use this long holiday weekend to install a chain-link fence around my property to keep mosquitoes out.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

Show me your masks! Said Alissa Milano, and people did…, she’s got roasted on Twitter after posting her crocheted face mask.

And my favorite.

To be fair to Miss Milano, she delicately mentioned that:

Mask has a filter in it for fuck’s sake. A carbon one.

But to be fair to people making fun of her, it doesn’t look like there’s anything under that mask other then Alissa’s face.

The last thought.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get me wrong. There’s no doubt in my mind, that Miss Milano has the best intentions and sincerely wants to keep people safe. But why her husband, who appears to be wearing N-95 mask, has let her go out in public looking like this, is beyond me.

Thank You For Reading

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