We’re Back! Gains of 2.5 Million Jobs In May. Economists In Shock!

Economists predicted the May jobs report would show losses of around 7 to 8 million jobs. That’s what they suspected. Reality decided not to cooperate and has blown all the computer models and Ph.D.’s who run them out of their university labs. They were stunned to find out the U.S. economy added, yes, ADDED 2.5 million jobs…

Published on Jun 5, 2020
by Fox Business.

Labor Secretary — Eugene Scalia — was calm and collected when commenting on the latest job numbers.

Today’s report shows much higher job creation and lower unemployment than expected, reflecting that the re-opening of the economy in May was earlier, and more robust, than projected. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and the Department remains focused on bringing Americans safely back to work and helping States deliver unemployment benefits to those who need them. However, it appears the worst of the coronavirus’s impact on the nation’s job markets is behind us.

Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, was less diplomatic. He made it clear who is responsible for turning the economy around and who is not.

We got no help from the states of New York, California, Illinois. Any of these other blue states that are still shut down, they can’t claim any credit, and they’re not participating in this recovery, either. The red states have made this happen. The red state people are going to back to work, accepting responsibility, reopening their business.


The red states are once again carrying the water, carrying the weight, carrying the day — and you’re damn right it’s a competition, and you’re damn right we do not want to unify with places where things are falling apart and where there is no effort being made to reverse that direction.

Rush is right. No one wants to be associated with losers.

Losers who think they’re winners.

People who run big blue states like California like to say that they carry the rest of the country on their shoulders. They say that without their economic support, the rest of the country will not be able to function.

It was true before the coronavirus lock-down-catastrophe, but now…, now the rest of the country reopens, and blue states stay behind. Companies around the nation, many of which are in direct competition with those still under lock-down rules, are back in business when California and some other Democrat-run states, you guessed, stay behind.

What do leaders in big blue states think will happen to the businesses when they aren’t able to deliver to their customers in other parts of our country, which are opened, and ready to kick it in the high gear? They will lose those customers to the out of state competition.

The worst scenario is that they will go bankrupt, the best — if they manage to stay afloat, they will move all or at least part of their business somewhere else.

So, to all those leaders who think that America can not survive without their states’ economies, think again. You’ll either get your act together or “your economies” will move out somewhere else.

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