Dr. Atlas: The Effectiveness Of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, And COVID-19 Madness In General

Dr. Scott Atlas is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, an accomplished physician and public health scholar. For several weeks, Dr. Atlas has been making the case that we, as a society, have overreacted by imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities.

He is not a COVID-19 denier—he believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, Dr. Atlas argues that because some age groups and activities face only minimal risk from COVID-19. The one-size-fits-all approach we are currently using is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based on science.

(From Hoover Institute)

Is a common sense gone for ever?

Dr. Atlas sits down for an interview with Peter M. Robinson of Hoover Institution to explains real (mostly hidden) consequences of public policies driven by pseudo-science, politics, and sometimes just an insane desire for power.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Yes YouTube deleted it… Will try to find it somewhere else.

Published on Jun 23, 2020, by Hoover Institution.

 No one knows if COVID-19 will come back in the fall. No one.

Dr. Atlas said.

So we don’t know if COVID-19 will come back in the fall. If it did, we do know that we are far better prepared. We all understand social distancing. We’re all used to what to do, but more importantly than that even, the government has done well at understanding how to mobilize resources. We know how to stockpile things. We know how to mobilize and have a better handle on how many ventilators we need. In fact, we were never short of ventilators, by the way, despite the protestations of people like Governor Cuomo. So we are far more mobilizing in our resources. We’re experienced.

And he continued.

We don’t know if it’ll come back. By the way, we don’t know if we will have a vaccine. We can think there’s good positive indicators we’ll have a vaccine, but vaccines are not magic wands even when we get them. We know seasonal influenza vaccine is 40 to 60% effective. It’s not 100% effective, so that should not be a prerequisite, a predicate, for reopening. We know how to deal with this virus. We know exactly, really, who’s gonna be vulnerable to this. We know that the overwhelming majority of people don’t have a problem if they get infected.

So, he

Don’t care that cases are going up. In fact, that’s not a problem at all. It’s only important to protect the people who are gonna have a serious problem with this illness.

Are we waiting on COVID Al Capone?

The interview closes with an interesting observation from Dr. Atlas about the new trend emerging due to prolong lockdowns. Businesses are opting to provide services thru the back door.

I think the rules are outrageous. This is what’s evolving here. There is sort of a speakeasy culture evolving. I know this is happening in New York City because I have people who I know who live there. It’s sort of like the era of prohibition, where people have had enough. Logical, sane commonsense Americans have said, “No, enough is enough.” 

So, when you see that sign: WE CLOSE DUE TO COVID-19. Drive around the building, and take another look because…,

Many stores are boarding up the front or putting curtains up, and now there is this what I call a speakeasy culture emerging, where life will go on for the people who understand that this is actually completely irrational. 

This drive to freedom will spread more and more if the political leaders don’t get their act together. Until then…, Al? Al, where are you? We need you, old mate.

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