Fires, Fires, And More Fires. Is It Global Warming Or Land Mismanagement?

According to California governor Gavin Newsom, the massive, deadly wildfires in America’s West are caused by climate change. In reality, poor forest management and excessive regulation are bigger causes. Michael Shellenberger explains.

Government fueled fires.

I like these short, no-nonsense videos by John Stossel. In this video, he uses the help of Michael Shellenberger, the ecologist, once named “The Hero of the Environment” by Time Magazine, to explain the connection between brush fires, climate change, and some small —often overlooked — thing called forest management.

Mike is a dedicated ecologist, but it is clear that he’s not a member of the alarmist group. He believes that climate change is real, but disagrees that this is our most serious problem.

Published by
John Stossel
on Sep 22, 2020

Climate change is real, [but] it’s not the end of the world. It’s not our most serious environmental problem.

Michael Shellenberger

Is devastation the key to happiness?

For some people, it is.

It’s stunning how California’s governor uses fire devastation in his state as a backdrop for his happy climate change announcement, where, with a grin on his face, he calls it a perfect storm and states that:

The debate is over around climate change.

Because California wildfires are undoubtedly caused by climate change, and if you don’t believe it, the governor wants you to:

Just come to the state of California. Observe it with your own eyes.

Observe what? All the destruction caused by climate-change-activist and supporting them bureaucrats, who for decades prevented proper forest management?

Thank you for the invitation, but no thanks. Watching people’s houses turned to ashes is not my kind of fun.

This year wildfires have burned more than four million acres (two million acres last year), and we still have three months to go.

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