Pres. Donald Trump Draped The F-Bomb On Iran!

During an interview with — a five-time Marconi Award winner — Rush Limbaugh, President Trump told the radio host that Iran knows not to “f**k around” with the United States, due to the response it would invoke.

Of course, many more topics (not just Iran) were covered in the nearly two hours the president spent on Rush Limbaugh’s show. An estimated 50 million audience members tuned-in to listen and participate.


If you’re short on time, watch this video.

Published by
Mess of Media on Oct 9, 2020

They’ve been put on notice, if you f**k around with us, you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before and they understand that. 

Donald Trump

Mega MAGA Rally – full interwiev.

Published by
Coen van Deelen on Oct 9, 2020

The transcript of the full interview (and video) is here.

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