How Green Is Green Technology?

You drive an electric car. You feel good about yourself. You’re saving the environment, so we all can bread cleaner, healthier air.
Not really.

California, the sixth-largest economy globally, emits only 1% of the world’s carbon emissions. Still, the governor — Gavin Newsom — wants to ban gas-powered cars in his state by 2035 in favor of clean, “zero-emissions” electric cars.
Do electric cars help the environment? Bjørn Lomborg explains the dirty secret of the clean auto-industry.

Are we going clean?

Or…, maybe going crazy?

Published by
PragerU on Sep 24, 2020

The most popular electric car, the Nissan Leaf, over a 90,000-mile lifetime, will emit 31 metric tons of CO2 based on emissions from its production, its electricity consumption, and average U.S. fuel mix and its ultimate scrapping. A comparable Mercedes CDI A160 over a similar lifetime will emit just three tons more across its production, diesel consumption, and ultimate scrapping. The results are similar for a top-line Tesla, the king of electric cars. It emits about 44 tons, which is only 5 tons less than a similar Audi A7 Quattro.

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