Electoral College Explained

Do you understand what the Electoral College is? Or how it works? Or why did our founding fathers decide to use this system to elect our presidents instead of the popular vote? 
Author, lawyer, and Electoral College expert Tara Ross does, and she explains that to understand the Electoral College is to understand American democracy.

The system of the electoral college “encourages coalition-building and national campaigning. To win, a candidate must receive the support of many different kinds of voters from various parts of the country. Winning only the South or the Midwest is not good enough. You cannot win 270 electoral votes if only one part of the country is supporting you.” Because we use the electoral college to elect our president, we all have a say in who resides in the Oval office.

Tara Ross

Explains the Electoral College

With the help of Prager University (PragerU), Tara Ross produced a short, right to the point video explaining the electoral college.

Published on May 18, 2015

Read the full transcript here.

The Electoral College is an ingenious method of selecting a President for a great, diverse republic such as our own — it protects against the tyranny of the majority, encourages coalition-building, and discourages voter fraud. Our Founders were proud of it! We can be too.

Tara Ross

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