What Is The Hammer (HAMR) And Scorecard?

Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor, called upon the necessity of investigating the possibility of election fraud. She points to two pieces of computer software: Hammer and Scorecard, that may have been used to change the outcome of our elections.

Michael Flynn lawyer Sydney Powell.

Talking to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures

Computer glitches?

Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Whether it’s called computer glitches or something else, somebody has actually gone into the system and changed voting results.

Published on Nov 7, 2020
Obscured Trends

They [The Justice Department] can investigate, including the likelihood that three percent of the vote was changed digitally using the program HAMMR (“Hammer”) and the program called Scorecard. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country. In addition, they ran an algorithm to find out how many votes they might need to come up with for Mr. Biden. This explains Michigan, where a computer glitch changed the vote of 5500 in favor of Joe Biden just in one district. All those districts need to be checked for the same ‘glitch.’

Sidney Powell

The power of computer science.

Russell Ramsland explains the mechanics behind the electronic vote system.

Published on Nov 5, 2020, by CDMedia
This is an hour-long video, but it’s worth watching in its entirety.

We found the [voting] software was so porous that operators of the system and even outside players can change votes utterly undetected with no audit trail in the case of Heart or an erasable or changeable audit trail; in the case of ES&S and Dominion. So, that means that no evidence of vote changing can actually be found.

Russell Ramsland

Allied Security Operations Group

Simply speaking, it looks like who we, the people, vote for these days is irrelevant. With proper tools, votes can be purged, switched from one candidate to the other, or created out of thin air. This should scare the shit out of everyone.

We’ve been hammered!

Great explanation of Hammer System (HAMR) by Gen. McInerney with Sydney Powell and Steve Bannon

Published on Nov 6, 2020
War Room
UPDATE: Surprise! YouTube deleted the video.

The same video on Bitchute.

Hammer is a what we call a SIGINT, a signal intelligence program that the NSA came up with years ago. The CIA picked it up under the Obama administration, and I broke it in April and March of 2017, about what they were doing on the Russian hoax. But the fact is the Obama administration took this system, and they put in an application in this SIGINT program called Scorecard and Scorecard changes votes at a certain point in the voting stream.

Gen. Thomas McInerney

The United States Air Force Lieutenant General (Retired)

Now what?

First, we need to count every LEGAL and only LEGAL vote cast in this election. Don’t give me that “every ballot should be counted” bullshit because not every ballot up there represents a human being who is lawfully entitled to vote.

Then, after we figure out all the winners and losers, we need to develop a new (design from scratch) voting system for our elections. Blockchain-based voting technology comes to mind. Of course, some form of voter ID is a must.

Till then…, well, till then, we are screwed.

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