Eat The Babies — They Fart Too Much

Ridicule as a weapon of (political) war. No one likes being laughed at. In an attempt to mock the Green New Deal (and the rest of climate change mumbo-jumbo) promoted by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, LaRouchePAC planted one of its activists at AOC's Town Hall meeting. Even if we were to bomb Russia, … Continue reading Eat The Babies — They Fart Too Much

Google Climate Change Insanity Summit

Google invited the smartest and the brightest members of the world of science to its Climate Change Summit in Sicily. The guest list includes top geologist Dr. Leonardo DiCaprio, renown physicist Prof. Orlando Bloom, and his assistant Dr. Katy Perry, also Dr. Bradley Cooper showed up (I think, he is a dentist), and many, many … Continue reading Google Climate Change Insanity Summit