Ricky Gervais To Gliteraties at Golden Globe Awards: Thank Your Agent and Your God and F**k Off.

Ricky Gervais made lots of enemies among famous and powerful of show business by lecturing them on how insignificant their opinions are to the rest of the population, specifically those of us chained to reality.

On the other hand, “we the people” loved it…

USA Today described Ricky’s performance as:

Lackluster, lazy parade of jokes.

Decide for yourself. Watch the video.

Published on Jan 5, 2020

If you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech,” Gervais said on the ceremony aired by NBC. “You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So, if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and f**k off, OK? 

Ricky Gervais

From Gervais’ monologue at Golden Globe awards.

Gervais is making a killing on social media. By explaining to the lords of self-importance, that very few people give a damn about what Hollywood aristocracy believes is the proper approach to life, he became a hero to “regular” people.

As the time of this post, the video of Gervais’ speech had been viewed:

  • On YouTube by:
    10.4 million viewers. (All other clips from the event combined — a little over 5 million). Number 1 On Trending.
  • On Twitter by:
    9.6 million users. ( All other clips from the event combined — a little over 4 million)

The next day, reacting to the spectacular recognition of his performance, Ricky tweeted:

The last thought.

The funniest part about all the jokes was that he wasn’t joking. He was stating facts. One fact after another and then the reactions of all those super-important Hollywood greats to what Ricky Gervais was saying, worked amazingly as punchlines to his statements creating brutally funny jokes.

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Sticks & Stones — Dave Chappelle’s Comedy For Regular People

The one and only, Dave Chappelle is back, and people are laughing again.

Sticks & Stones is Chappelle’s fifth special for Netflix (following The Age of Spin,” “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” “Equanimity” and “The Bird Revelation,”) premiered on Monday, Aug. 26, and generated lots of poor reviews from high flying politically correct bloggers, journalist, and activists, and at the same time, received excellent reaction from the rest of us – regular people.


Q&A sessions held with audiences after the main stand-up show.

Politically correct critics say.

Critics Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes describes Chappelle’s latest stand-up as Edgy, but empty. They say; Sticks and Stones might not break any bones, but it won’t elicit many laughs, either.

“It won’t elicit many laughs.”
Says who?
Just because you ladies and gentlemen (some like to call you – snowflakes), don’t have a sense of humor, doesn’t mean that everyone else out there is as humorless as you are.

without much having to answer to anyone.
Why should he have to answer to anyone? It’s his show.

doesn’t care, how much he’s disappointing you.
I agree. Dave doesn’t care whatsoever. Why should he?

You just haven’t delivered the funny.
Sorry, pal. 99% of the viewers don’t agree with you. You’re in the minority.

And we the people say.

So, critics don’t like Chappelle’s stand-up. Rotten Tomatoes’ audience, on the other hand, projects very different sentiment.

99% out of the over 35 thousand reviews by the audience is positive.

“Hilarious, it at times offended me, and alternately had me applauding. In either instance, I was never able to stop laughing. Brilliantly written and expertly delivered comedic performance.”
David P

“Yet another example of Chapelle’s hyper thought-provoking humor… delivered with the honesty you’ve come to know, love, and respect.”
Derek M

“Un-apologetically hilarious. Dave makes a statement by taking on subjects people are scared to touch on. Without care or worry, he welcomes all of the criticism he knew he would get for it. Is it controversial? Yes. But what would comedy be without controversy?”
Bradley J

Aristocracy vs. plebeians?

It’s interesting how massive is the contrast between the ways two groups of people – those who, one way or another, make money by sharing their opinions (mostly progressive bloggers from the heights of Mount Olympus), and those who post their thoughts free from prejudice (regular folks living down here at the sea level), – react to the same material.

I think people are getting tired of being pushed around by politically-correct crowd telling everyone, what is or isn’t acceptable in today’s world. Support for Dave Chappelle (or anyone like him) and his stand-up specials is an easy and simple way to stick it to all those self-glorified, soaked in juices of sanctimoniousness, progressive members of social media. It also shows to the other entertainers, (who, for the last three years, let themselves to be bullied into being a part of Trump-bashing mob,) that there are other targets worthy of their attention (at least as funny), and people who are willing to pay for a chance of seeing something new instead of listening to the same old jokes about the same old guy.

Backlash? What backlash?

PC bloggers attempt to create a negative backlash to Netflix’s newest comedy special. There’re articles written about Sticks & Stones, saying that Chappelle has changed. That he has lost his comedic touch and is just offensive without any humor to it. That he’s tarnishing his legacy, some even view his latest work as disgusting. Well, ladies and gents, Dave Chappelle has not lost his touch, he’s not tarnishing any legacy and use of the word “disgusting” in an attempt to describe his work, is delicately speaking, insane overkill.

Dave Chappelle is not controversial, but he dares to talk about controversial topics.

Chappelle has not changed; he does the same kind of comedy today as he did 15 years ago. The only thing different today is a rise of political correctness. I don’t even think that the PC crowd got much bigger, but I’m sure as hell that it got much, much louder.

Dave Chappelle does not discriminate. He hits everyone with the same velocity, giving equal treatment to everyone, including himself. What is the most puzzling to me in this entire “Chappelle controversy” is the fact, that the people who are the loudest in demanding equal treatment (LGBTQ+ community is a good example), complain the most when they get it. Try to figure that one out.

No matter what you do in your artistic expression, you are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people. You know who I mean — those people who took 20% of the alphabet for themselves. I’m talking about them, L’s and B’s and G’s and the T’s.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle does what every serious comedian should do. He uses humor to take on the topics that people, in general, don’t wont to confront out of fear of being attacked by the self-appointed PC police which members of, think that there’s only one right approach to all aspects of our existence on Earth — theirs.

The last thought.

I know there’s no way that Chappelle is going to find this post and read it. But just in case he will (optimism runs in my bloodstream).

Hey Dave, you’re the man! Keep on going and never stop.

Someone said that when it comes to war, business, or sex, all the tricks are allowed. I would add a fourth category to this lineup


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Ricky Gervais, Liberal Champagne Socialist With Brain

Everyone that’s being fired and publicly embarrassed about a misdemeanor and being called a Nazi — there are real Nazis who are getting away with it. This must be amazing for real racists to be out there, and going, “It’s all right, everyone’s a racist now, this is a great smokescreen, we’ve got people out there calling people who aren’t Nazis, Nazis. . . .
They don’t know the real Nazis from people who said the wrong thing once!” . . .
It plays into the hands of the genuinely bad people.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is
making sense with Sam Harris

Some foul language.

The first hour of a two-hour-long conversation between Sam Harris and Ricky Gervais. (You’ll have to pay a tiny amount of dollars to listen to the rest of it and many more interviews on Sam Harris’ website.) Gervais – stand-up comedian, actor, director, and screenwriter, shares his opinion on the impact of social media, the changing state of comedy, off-color jokes, political hypocrisy, Louis CK, Donald Trump, and other topics.

If you’re conservative, most of Gervais’ opinions (particularly his comments on Pres. Trump) won’t trigger any round of applause. Still, sometimes it’s good to hear the different points of view, especially when the person you’re listening to is cool, calm, and articulate.

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