Riots — Lara Logan Explains Who Incite The Violence In Our Cities

Lara Logan says “professional agitators” are behind the George Floyd riots and explains how to spot those who incite violence.

Lara Logan talks about individuals trained and paid to create mayhem and destruction.

Real professional antagonists and instigators, and they ware all in black. They often have equipment on their backs. They’ll have gas masks that aren’t the typical gas masks. Theirs are the expensive ones. They’ll have SDLR cameras, which cost thousands and thousands of dollars, that the average protest doesn’t have. They’ll have communications equipment, like radios with military-grade antennas. You’ll see they have earpieces, and there are repeaters on top of vehicles. And these people come from the outside.

Few questions:

  • Who is financing these agitators?
  • Who trains them and where they receive the training in crowd-control techniques?
  • Who supplies the equipment?
  • Who provides transport and housing (they’re mostly not local)?

Can anyone answer these questions? Can anyone tell me who benefits the most from civil unrest? Certainly not the people whose neighborhoods have been devastated.

The most scary part is…,

To see how easy it is to use people’s fear and anger to control their actions. To see how easy it is for a small group of professional anarchists to transform peaceful demonstrations into riots. We should be more vigilant if it comes to whom we perceive as our leaders and not allow bad actors to use us to advance their agenda.

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