State Trooper — THIS ISN’T SEATTLE! BLM “Protest” On The I-5 Freeway Cut Short By Washington State Patrol

On Sep 04, 2020. BLM blocked traffic on Interstate 5 freeway. Washington State patrol wasn’t having it and arrested every single BLM driver illegally blocking the highway.

This isn’t Seattle.

On Friday, a group of BLM “activists” when working on building support for, and creating an understanding of their movement, found out (to their surprise) that State highways are managed by a different set of rules than those in surrounding them cities!

According to people at the scene and the State Police, Washington State Patrol troopers arrested nine people participating in blocking of Interstate Highway 5.

Police action restored an unobstructed flow of traffic but, in effect, disrupted an incredibly uplifting speech by the group’s leader, who strongly urged all the listeners to make themselves independent. Luckily for the speaker, none of the truckers stuck in the blockade took his advice and decided to plow through the barricade to said independence.

This video captures the most exciting moments of this event. I like the part when the state trooper informs dumbfound “protester” that state highway is not a part of the surrounding city and is under state jurisdiction.

Published on Sep 4, 2020, by Lasse Burholt.

It’s not the first time when the group, known as the Morning March, disrupted traffic on a public roadway. Previously, they have stopped traffic on the Ballard Bridge and Highway 99 in Seattle.

On Jul 05, Washington State Patrol announced that it would no longer allow protesters onto I-5 and that anyone who will block the freeway will be arrested. They finally decided to enforce that rule.

Areal shot of State Police clearing the roadway.

UPDATE: Another one blown away by a big YT…

Published on Sep 4, 2020, by USA NEWS.

I need an explanation.

One of the social justice movement leaders (forgot which one) said: that they attempt to build widespread support for their movement. But somehow, I find this difficult to understand how in the name of the…, thing (‘you know, the thing”), blocking highways, or

…Trashing restaurants, or

…Attacking people in the streets because of their political views, or

…Coming to a residential area in the middle of the night and threaten to burn the houses down, or

…Doing all of the above simultaneously, otherwise known as classic peaceful rioting, will build that widespread support for their movement? From where I’m standing, it looks more like an attempt to intimidate people into staying out of the way than reaching out for their support. But what do I know?

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Riot Organizers Threaten Destruction Of The Suburbs

Sheriff Grady Judd explaining in plain English why visiting his county with intentions to loot and destroy is a bad idea.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd made sure that potential looters understand his position on the citizens’ right to protect themselves and their property.

People of Polk County like guns. They have guns. I encourage them to own guns, and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded. And if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.

I think his message is clear enough for anyone with IQ above that of a mosquito to understand.

But somehow, there’s still confusion.

What those anarchists, who threaten to extend the riots to suburbs and then deeper into what they call the “fly-over” country don’t understand, is how different New York City or Minneapolis or other big, run by progressives, cities in the US are from the rest of the country.

Unlike in areas run by progressive politicians, where the law-abiding citizens are kept unarmed, People living in the country are armed. They own firearms and know how to use them.

So, as sheriff Grady Judd said to geniuses planning on having some fun when visiting his county:

 If you value your life, you probably shouldn’t do that.

All the Deplorables in fly-over America have the same message for promotors of anarchy. Don’t show up in our backyard! Unless your idea of fun is running fast in a zigzag fashion….

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Riots — Lara Logan Explains Who Incite The Violence In Our Cities

Lara Logan says “professional agitators” are behind the George Floyd riots and explains how to spot those who incite violence.

Lara Logan talks about individuals trained and paid to create mayhem and destruction.

Real professional antagonists and instigators, and they ware all in black. They often have equipment on their backs. They’ll have gas masks that aren’t the typical gas masks. Theirs are the expensive ones. They’ll have SDLR cameras, which cost thousands and thousands of dollars, that the average protest doesn’t have. They’ll have communications equipment, like radios with military-grade antennas. You’ll see they have earpieces, and there are repeaters on top of vehicles. And these people come from the outside.

Few questions:

  • Who is financing these agitators?
  • Who trains them and where they receive the training in crowd-control techniques?
  • Who supplies the equipment?
  • Who provides transport and housing (they’re mostly not local)?

Can anyone answer these questions? Can anyone tell me who benefits the most from civil unrest? Certainly not the people whose neighborhoods have been devastated.

The most scary part is…,

To see how easy it is to use people’s fear and anger to control their actions. To see how easy it is for a small group of professional anarchists to transform peaceful demonstrations into riots. We should be more vigilant if it comes to whom we perceive as our leaders and not allow bad actors to use us to advance their agenda.

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