Sean Hannity Interviews President Trump

Fox News has aired an interview with President Trump. President reacts to Super Tuesday, Chuck Schumer threatening the Supreme Court justices, efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak, and more. President Trump on Chuck Schumer threatening the Supreme Court: It was a terrible thing, he said. I was amazed by it, and if that were a…… Continue reading Sean Hannity Interviews President Trump

President Trump — Pre-Super Bowl Interview

President Trump discusses the Senate impeachment trial, Trump administration’s accomplishments, State of the Union plans, and Democratic presidential contenders. Fox News has aired a pre-Super Bowl interview with President Trump.A couple of highlights. Sean Hannity asked the president if he contemplated a delay of the State of the Union Address till after Senate vote on…… Continue reading President Trump — Pre-Super Bowl Interview

Rep. Gohmert And Greg Jarrett On Hannity With Tammy Bruce

Congressman Louie Gohmert and author of “Witch Hunt” and ” The Russia Hoax ” — Gregg Jarrett share their opinion on Speaker Pelosi’s refusal to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate and President Trump exposing the extent of Deep State Corruption. Tammy Bruce is filling in for Sean Hannity. With guests: Texas Congressman…… Continue reading Rep. Gohmert And Greg Jarrett On Hannity With Tammy Bruce