The 129 Republicans Refused to Stand With President Donald Trump

The entire Republican leadership in the House voted against President Trump’s decision to pull US troops of the Syrian border.

  • Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)
  • Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA)
  • Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney
  • GOP Policy Committee Chairman Gary Palmer (R-AL)
  • Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee who co-sponsored the legislation with the panel’s Democratic chairman.

129 Republican representatives voted to condemn President Trump for withdrawing the U.S. military from the Syrian border and leaving Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria without U.S. backup.

Interesting enough, we’re talking about the same members of Congress who refused to support sending U.S. soldiers to Syria in the first place. So, sending our soldiers to Syria was wrong, but pulling them out of there is much worse. So much worse, that two-thirds of Republicans in the House decided to break ranks and voted with Democrats (The final vote was 354-60) to rebuke President’s decision.
Some people are never happy.

You either with us or against us.

I know it sounds dramatic but, to 129 guys/girls in the House — choose your sides wisely, there’s no middle ground.

I don’t understand why instead of waiting a few days, let VP Pence and SecState Pompeo negotiate with Pres Erdogan and see how the situation on the Syrian border will play out, our guys(?) rushed to take such a heavy-duty stand against President Trump. (Hopefully, it was just a one-time act of insanity caused by substantial stress and a lack of proper diet.) There are better ways of expressing disagreement with the leader of your party.

Just a day after 129 Republican members of Congress decided to stand with Democrats against a Republican President, and condemn his decision to pull our soldiers of the Syrian border, the five-day ceasefire has been agreed on.

A little rough love from the President.

It will give Kurdish-led forces time to pull back from controlled by the Turkish military “safe zone,” which Pres. Erdogan wants to create along the Turkish/Syrian border. Once the Kurds are cleared from the safe zone, Turkey will commit to a permanent ceasefire.

Will ceasefire work? I have no idea. It looks like at least one side involved in the “deal” doesn’t take it seriously. Turkey accused Kurdish forces of violating the agreement by launching 14 attacks since the agreement to end bloodshed was reached.

Republican leadership in Congress could call a press conference or come up with an opened letter presenting different, in their opinion better solution to the problem. Instead, for some unexplainable reason, they decided to use the worst option available — cooperation with people who look to destroy not just the President but the entire Republican party. That’s smart, very smart. Very smart if one wants to commit political suicide.

The last thought.

I’m not going to judge the President’s decision; my security clearance doesn’t cover access to information needed to form a decent opinion, but I’m going to comment on the way most Republicans in Congress reacted to it.

Although the resolution has no legal force, I see a passing of it in the House as a huge win for the Democrats. They sold the resolution as support of Kurdish allies, who worked closely with American troops in the fight against Islamic State, but designed and then used it to drive a wedge between President and Republicans in Congress and as help to create a narrative that Pres. Trump is losing the support of his party.

To Democrats — great move. Could help your impeachment efforts.
To Republicans — what the hell is wrong with you? Your President is under assault (which started right after it became clear that he will run for office,) and you instead of defending him decided to bent over for Democrats?

I have bad and good news to share with you ladies and gents of Republican part of US Congress:
Bad news — You’ve been used.
Good news — It won’t be forgotten.


Below I’ve dropped a list of Republican members of Congress, who allowed themselves be used by Democrats in the war against Donald Trump.

These are Republicans who voted with Democrats.

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ABC News is trying to pass gun range videos as combat footage from Syria!

Slaughter in Syria!!!

Or maybe not?

ABC News took the footage from a nighttime machine gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky, and presented it as the frontline battle between Syrian Kurds and the invading Turkish troops.

Starting at 0.47 Knob Creek gun range footage starts.

This video, obtained by ABC News, appears to show the fury of the Turkish attack on the border town of Tal Abyad.

Senior foreign correspondent Ian Pannell, who is in Syria, said Monday on Good Morning America.

Appears to show the fury…
It never appeared to be a Turkish attack. People at ABC News wanted it to be a Turkish attack, and they had made a decision to call it a Turkish attack. Unfortunately for ABC’s “news team”, we are not stupid and we pay attention.

This kind of “reporting” could have serious consequences, including but not limited to, causing a drop in the stock market. Of course, all those geniuses in ABC and other “news” outlets don’t care about consequences as long as they can make Trump administration look bad.

They (ABC News) regret the error.

Of course, they do. ABC News looks like a bunch of idiots not worthy of being called news organization.

It’s puzzling to me why we keep tolerating this kind of behavior coming from the news outlets. It seems that mainstream media will jump on every chance to create a crisis, and then use it to scare people into believing that the world as we know it is about to end.

Certain four-letter words can’t be said on network TV because that could offend someone. Certain situations can’t be depicted on network TV because that could hurt someone’s feelings. FCC makes sure that nothing offensive gets on the air. But, if it comes to news, there’s absolutely no oversight.

How about a “news” designed to create a fake crisis? News design to scare people to death and push them into making decisions that otherwise they would not make? Like selling a beautiful ocean-front summer house with significant loss because they ware made to believe that in a couple of months, the house will end up underwater. Or voting for some guy they usually would not vote for.

I think that allowing a lie to be published as a fact, is much more harmful than someone accidentally dropping the F-Bomb when talking about the weather.

So, FCC, where are you?

The last thought.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no problem whatsoever with hard-working journalists who make every effort to keep us informed. Good or bad, sad or funny, if something happened I want to know about it. But I have enough political hacks masquerading as journalists creating crises every time someone passes gas in a public setting.

So, FCC, where are you?

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President Trump Pulling U.S. Troops Out Of Syria…

…fulfilling a campaign promise to withdraw from “endless war” in the Middle East.

As a result of many decades of complaints from people around the globe criticizing the United States for its imperialistic politics, and accusations of bullying nations into submission, President Trump, in an effort to make everyone happy, is reducing US military presence abroad. As a first step, he’s pulling our troops out of Northern Syria.

Oddly, the same people who used to complain about the USA being policeman of the world, are now complaining that we don’t want the job anymore. They have questions!

  • What about ISIS fighters still operating in Iraq and Syria?
  • What about over 10,000 militants currently detained by the Kurds?
  • What about security for sprawling camps filled with tens of thousands of displaced Syrian families?
  • What about Turkey’s impending incursion?

These are all excellent questions, and I’d like to add another one:

  • What about Europe?

What about all those “superpowers” sitting much closer to the Middle-East than we are? Like Germany, or France, or maybe Great Britain. Perhaps they should send their soldiers to Syria and tell Tayyip Erdogan to calm down and stop dreaming about military escapades into his neighbor’s territory.

President Trump has explained his decision.

I was elected on getting out of these ridiculous endless wars, where our great Military functions as a policing operation to the benefit of people who don’t even like the USA.

The two most unhappy countries at this move are Russia & China, because they love seeing us bogged down, watching over a quagmire, & spending big dollars to do so.

When I took over, our Military was totally depleted. Now it is stronger than ever before. The endless and ridiculous wars are ENDING! We will be focused on the big picture, knowing we can always go back & BLAST!

Pres. Donald Trump

The last thought.

Europeans are still around. When it comes to dealing with the local problems, Europe should take the initiative instead of looking at the United States. I don’t mind helping our allies, but I don’t think they should expect the US military to do all the dirty work. (While they, the allies, watch the action on TV.)

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